L.L.Bean Cuts Jobs, Hours Amidst Online Shopping Boom

L.L.Bean Cuts Jobs, Hours Amidst Online Shopping Boom

In response to a significant increase in customers shopping online, L.L.Bean, the renowned outdoor clothing and equipment brand, has taken drastic measures to adapt its operations. Starting July 15, the company will only allow shoppers to call its support line for four hours each day, a sharp decline from the previous 16-hour daily availability. This change is a reflection of shifting consumer behavior as more people opt for digital self-service channels.

As a consequence of the reduced call center hours, L.L.Bean announced a cut in its workforce. While the exact number of affected positions remains unspecified, the brand currently employs over 500 individuals in its call center department, many of whom work remotely outside the company’s headquarters in Maine.

The company emphasized that over 90% of customer calls are typically received between 8 am and 8 pm. L.L.Bean acknowledged that evolving customer preferences have led to a decline in customer contacts over the past few years. In a statement to USA Today, the company explained that these operational adjustments are necessary to align with how customers shop today.

Despite the staff reductions, L.L.Bean assured that affected employees would receive severance packages, outplacement services, and potentially retiree benefits. The decision to downsize was described as a meticulous process, highlighting the brand’s commitment to its workforce.

This move reflects long-term customer trends rather than a broader industry shift, according to L.L.Bean. The company’s last round of layoffs occurred in 2020 when 200 employees were let go. Being a privately held family business founded by Leon Leonwood Bean over a century ago, detailed financial information about the company is not publicly available.

A case study on L.L.Bean’s financials indicated a strong e-commerce performance, with online sales accounting for a substantial portion of its annual revenues. Despite the surge in digital shopping activity, the brand is planning to open four new stores this year and continues to invest in expanding its retail footprint.

While specific locations for the new stores were not disclosed, reports suggest that Kingston, NY, and Enfield, CT, are among the potential sites for L.L.Bean’s upcoming outlets. The company recently expanded its physical presence with new stores in Massachusetts and Quebec, Canada.

Representatives for L.L.Bean have not responded to inquiries from media outlets regarding these operational changes. The brand’s strategic adjustments emphasize the evolving landscape of retail and the ongoing efforts to navigate the digital transformation while maintaining a strong physical retail presence.


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