Grace Garrick Shocked by Gen Z’s Work Habits Revelations

Grace Garrick Shocked by Gen Z's Work Habits Revelations

Meet Grace Garrick, a young and vibrant millennial boss whose encounter with Generation Z employees has left her feeling both old and bewildered. At just 29, Garrick is the founder of MVMNT, a creative communication agency catering to big-name clients like Nala, Lorna Jane, and Soul Origin. Nestled in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, her office resembles a chic day spa, adorned with quirky Gen Z touches like posters of heartthrob Jacob Elordi.

In a swirl of professional tasks and endless antics, Garrick finds herself navigating a workplace filled with nail appointments with clients and impromptu TikTok videos showcasing cowboy boots fads. The stark contrast between her hustle-era PR beginnings and the relaxed, boundary-setting ethos of Gen Z leaves her astounded.

For Garrick, Gen Z’s emphasis on work-life balance and meaningful work is a breath of fresh air. Their knack for prioritizing smart work over relentless toil has revolutionized her approach to business. Gone are the days of overworking as a status symbol; Gen Z fosters a culture of saying no and setting boundaries, championing efficiency over exhaustion.

But it’s not all about work for Gen Zers—fun and camaraderie are equally paramount. Titles and hierarchies take a back seat to good vibes and open communication. Embracing platforms like TikTok as a tool for expression, they introduce unique jargon that Garrick, once a stranger to terms like ‘slay’ and ‘giving,’ must now decipher in her daily interactions.

The Gen Z penchant for spontaneity extends beyond language, permeating their workplace conduct. From star sign consultations for client relationships to lighthearted pranks on unsuspecting clients, Garrick is continually surprised by her team’s offbeat yet effective methods. The jovial atmosphere doesn’t compromise productivity; in fact, it fuels the agency’s growth and success.

Amidst this whirlwind of change, Garrick observes her team’s relaxed attitude towards appearances and breaks. Pimple patches and impromptu ‘threezys’—the 3 pm office ritual break—characterize their carefree approach to work. Even her ‘Millennial pause’ in videos is deemed cringeworthy by her Gen Z squad, highlighting the subtle generational nuances at play.

Despite the initial disorientation, Garrick credits Gen Z for reshaping her professional outlook and fostering a dynamic work environment. Setting boundaries, embracing fun, and prioritizing well-being are now integral parts of her business ethos, leading to greater personal satisfaction and business success. Through the lens of Grace Garrick, the intergenerational exchange between millennials and Gen Z emerges as a transformative journey of mutual learning and growth.


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