L.L.Bean Shifts Gears: Call Center Downsized for E-Commerce

L.L.Bean Shifts Gears: Call Center Downsized for E-Commerce

L.L.Bean, the renowned outdoor brand, is making significant changes to its operations in response to the shift in customer behavior towards online shopping. Starting July 15, the company will limit its call center support to just four hours daily, a sharp decrease from the previous 16-hour availability. This decision stems from the growing preference of customers to shop digitally rather than through traditional channels.

With over 500 employees in its call center, many of whom operate remotely, L.L.Bean is set to reduce its workforce. While the exact number of affected positions remains undisclosed, the company assured that the majority of the 500 roles will remain intact. The new hotline hours from 8am to 8pm align with when over 90% of customer calls are typically received.

The brand noted a decline in customer contacts over the past four years as more patrons opt for self-service options. L.L.Bean emphasized the necessity to adapt to the changing landscape, indicating that this shift in strategy is a response to evolving customer preferences. Despite the staff reduction, the company plans to provide impacted employees with severance packages, outplacement services, and retirement benefits for eligible individuals.

It’s essential to highlight that L.L.Bean clarified that these adjustments are primarily driven by long-term customer trends and should not be perceived as indicative of broader retail industry patterns. The last layoff instance occurred in 2020, affecting 200 employees, showcasing the rarity of such actions within the company.

As a privately held family enterprise founded by Leon Leonwood Bean over a century ago, L.L.Bean’s financial details are not publicly disclosed. However, insights from a case study on the brand’s finances, available on Google Cloud, estimate a substantial portion of its $1.6 billion in annual revenue is derived from the robust e-commerce segment, amounting to $1 billion.

Despite the focus on digital sales, L.L.Bean remains committed to physical retail expansion. The company is set to inaugurate four new stores this year, with Kingston, NY, already slated for an upcoming addition. Additional reports indicate plans to open an outpost in Enfield, CT, this fall, following recent expansions into Massachusetts and Quebec, Canada.

These strategic alterations illuminate L.L.Bean’s proactive adaptation to the evolving retail landscape, balancing digital growth with physical presence to meet customer demands and secure its position in the market.


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