Planet Fitness Roiled: New CEO Steps in Amid Scandal!

Planet Fitness Roiled: New CEO Steps in Amid Scandal!

Planet Fitness, a popular gym chain with nearly 2,500 locations nationwide, has appointed a new CEO in the midst of controversy. Colleen Keating, who previously led rental service FirstKey Homes, is set to take the helm at Planet Fitness on June 10.

During her time at FirstKey, Keating advocated for diversity and inclusion, emphasizing unconscious bias training and hiring practices through a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) lens. Her commitment to fostering a diverse workforce was evident through her participation in the ‘CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion’ pledge.

This leadership transition comes at a crucial time for Planet Fitness, as the company has faced backlash for its policies regarding transgender individuals in locker rooms. A recent incident involving a trans man shaving in the women’s locker room triggered a wave of reactions, including bomb threats and boycott calls against the gym.

Patricia Silva, a Planet Fitness member, stirred controversy by posting a video showing a transgender individual she believed to be male shaving in the women’s locker room. Silva’s actions led to her suspension for violating the gym’s no-photography policy.

In a separate incident, law enforcement in North Carolina arrested Christopher Miller for allegedly entering a women’s locker room at a local Planet Fitness and exposing himself. The incident raised concerns about the enforcement of the gym’s policy, allowing restroom and locker room use based on self-reported gender identity.

As Keating prepares to step into her new role, she will succeed Chris Rondeau, the former CEO who will transition to a position on the board of directors. Despite the leadership change, Planet Fitness has experienced a dip in its stock value, with shares falling approximately 1.7% following the announcement.

The appointment of Keating signals a shift in leadership style and a renewed focus on inclusivity and organizational culture at Planet Fitness. With her background in promoting diversity and equity, Keating’s leadership is expected to bring positive change and address the challenges the company currently faces.

As the fitness industry continues to navigate complex issues related to inclusivity and acceptance, the appointment of Colleen Keating as CEO represents a step towards fostering a more inclusive environment within Planet Fitness and beyond.


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