Investor Withdraws from Glosslab Amid Salon Store Closures

Investor Withdraws from Glosslab Amid Salon Store Closures

A prominent investor has severed ties with Glosslab, the embattled nail salon, amidst a flurry of store closures across New York City. Glosslab, a New York-based company, has seen its operations dwindle from six salons to just two in Manhattan, signaling a tumultuous period following an episode of rapid expansion supported by celebrity investors like Olivia Culpo, ex-Tinder CEO Sean Rad, and The Chainsmokers. Joshua Coba, a significant investor who also holds franchise rights for Glosslab in south Florida, has declared disassociation from the company, citing financial difficulties. Coba, a co-founder of European Wax Center, has watched as Glosslab closed four salons in NYC in April alone, leading to concerns about its financial stability.

Coba, who had invested $5 million in Glosslab and was slated to oversee national franchise development, revealed that the company defaulted on his loan and that he is no longer affiliated with Glosslab in any capacity. Despite the setbacks, Coba plans to retain ownership of the Florida locations and the Closter, NJ store, underscoring his commitment to those businesses. However, he remains uncertain about his future investment plans, stating, “I don’t have a specific plan at this time regarding my investment. I’m still working through that.” Glosslab, on the other hand, did not provide any comments regarding Coba’s position.

Meanwhile, Glosslab’s salon in Closter, NJ is actively hiring, despite the company’s challenges in New York City. The manicure-focused chain, founded by Rachel Glass in 2018, has faced scrutiny for allegedly stiffing landlords at various locations, shifting towards a franchise model to navigate its financial struggles. The company’s reputation has been marred by reports of employing unlicensed nail technicians, prompting concerns from regulatory bodies.

Former employees highlighted difficulties in hiring experienced technicians and maintaining quality service, leading to negative reviews on social media platforms. Allegations of Glosslab’s employment of unlicensed technicians have raised red flags within the industry, with potential consequences from regulatory authorities. Glosslab has vehemently denied these accusations, asserting that all technicians were licensed and that the company has passed state inspections without any fines or closures.

Moreover, Glosslab members subscribed to a monthly service expressed frustration over sudden salon closures and challenges in canceling their memberships. Reports of dwindling supplies and abrupt closure notifications added to the uncertainty surrounding Glosslab’s operations, leaving customers and employees in limbo. Despite these challenges, the company expressed gratitude to its employees while signaling a shift in its business strategy, aiming to navigate the turbulent landscape of the beauty industry.

As Glosslab grapples with financial woes and operational challenges, the nail salon’s future remains uncertain. The unfolding saga sheds light on the complexities of managing a rapidly expanding business in a competitive market, emphasizing the importance of financial prudence and regulatory compliance in sustaining long-term success.


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