Russian Court Freezes JPMorgan $439.5M Funds Over Ukraine Crisis

Russian Court Freezes JPMorgan $439.5M Funds Over Ukraine Crisis

A Russian court has taken action against JPMorgan Chase amid the fallout from the Ukraine invasion. The court ordered the seizure of $439.5 million from the American lender’s bank accounts in Russia. This decision follows a lawsuit filed by state-owned VTB Bank after facing sanctions due to the invasion.

JPMorgan declined to comment on the recent ruling by the Russian court. VTB Bank, on the other hand, did not immediately offer any comments. The court’s order extends to freezing all funds in JPMorgan’s Russian accounts, including movable and immovable property like the bank’s stake in a Russian subsidiary.

Notably, the court did exclude securities and property held by JPMorgan, as well as the domain. The legal battle between the two banks is ongoing, with the next hearing scheduled for July 17. JPMorgan attempted to counter VTB’s lawsuit efforts by filing its own suit in New York, citing a breach of agreement for dispute resolution.

The situation escalates as US law prevents JPMorgan from releasing the funds, potentially leading to VTB seeking seizure of JPMorgan’s assets abroad. Russian courts have previously favored Russian banks in similar cases against US and European counterparts, raising concerns for JPMorgan’s assets.

Moreover, the development coincides with President Joe Biden signing a foreign aid bill into law. This new law equips US officials with powers to locate and seize Russian assets in the US, redirecting them to aid Ukraine. Biden’s administration already has a $1 billion military aid package in progress for Ukraine, including various weapons and ammunition.

However, the bill requires final approval in the Senate before additional aid can be dispatched. Despite delays in passing a larger aid package worth $60.8 billion due to House Republicans’ opposition, efforts are underway to bolster support for Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu responded to the prospect of increased US aid by threatening intensified attacks in Ukraine. This exchange underscores the escalating tensions and global stakes involved.

As the world watches these unfolding events, the implications of these legal and diplomatic maneuvers continue to shape the dynamics of the conflict. The fate of the seized funds and the broader aid packages hang in the balance, highlighting the intricate web of financial, political, and military strategies at play.


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