Poppy Harlow Says Goodbye to CNN After 16 Glorious Years

Poppy Harlow Says Goodbye to CNN After 16 Glorious Years

After a remarkable 16-year run at CNN, anchor Poppy Harlow has made the difficult decision to bid farewell to the network that kickstarted her career. The departure comes in the wake of the cancellation of ‘CNN This Morning,’ a show plagued by controversy. Harlow, who initially joined CNN as a green 25-year-old without any live TV experience back in 2008, expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt email to colleagues, highlighting the pivotal role the network played in her growth both professionally and personally. She reminisced about the challenges and triumphs she faced over the years, recounting moments of inspiration and resilience.

Despite the tough decision to leave, Harlow acknowledged the unwavering support and understanding she received from CNN’s leadership, particularly Mark Thompson and Amy Entelis. Thompson praised Harlow’s unique talent as a journalist, emphasizing her ability to connect with audiences through compassionate reporting and insightful interviews. Similarly, Entelis lauded Harlow’s exceptional reporting skills and her impactful coverage of major global events, underscoring her dedication to fair and well-prepared journalism.

Harlow’s departure marks the end of an era characterized by significant contributions to CNN’s news coverage. From reporting on financial crises to conducting enlightening interviews with top business leaders, Harlow’s journalistic legacy remains profound. Her departure also signifies a shift within CNN, following a series of changes aimed at revitalizing the network’s morning show lineup.

Harlow’s exit from CNN follows the network’s decision to cancel ‘CNN This Morning’ earlier this year, a move that reshaped the network’s morning programming. The show, which struggled to attract strong viewership numbers, ultimately led to a reevaluation of CNN’s morning show strategy. In light of these changes, anchor Kasie Hunt was brought in to helm the new early-morning newscast, leading to a reconfiguration of the network’s programming lineup.

As Harlow embarks on a new chapter outside of CNN, her departure serves as a poignant reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of broadcast journalism and the enduring impact of dedicated journalists like her. While bidding adieu to her CNN family, Harlow expressed her excitement for the future, vowing to continue supporting the evolution of journalism and championing the pursuit of truth. As she takes this next step in her career, Harlow’s influence and commitment to shaping impactful storytelling will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the field of journalism.


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