Breaking News: Poppy Harlow Leaves CNN After 16 Years

Breaking News: Poppy Harlow Leaves CNN After 16 Years

Veteran CNN host Poppy Harlow is saying goodbye to her 16-year tenure at the cable news network. The departure follows the recent cancellation of ‘CNN This Morning,’ which saw a series of on-air controversies leading to the removal of Don Lemon.

CNN’s chief, Mark Thompson, broke the news of Harlow’s exit during an editorial meeting, with Harlow later confirming the news in an email to her colleagues. Reflecting on her journey at CNN since 2008, Harlow expressed her growth from a young journalist to the experienced professional she is today.

During her time at CNN, Poppy Harlow held various roles as a reporter and anchor. Most notably, she co-hosted ‘CNN This Morning’ alongside Kaitlan Collins and the now-fired Don Lemon. The show, launched under ousted CEO Chris Licht in 2022, faced challenges and ultimately failed to resonate with audiences, leading to its cancellation.

Harlow’s departure marks the end of an era for the morning show, which struggled with ratings against competitors like MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ and Fox’s ‘Fox & Friends.’ With only 322,000 viewers in January compared to the higher numbers of rival programs, the decision to shake up the lineup became inevitable.

Following the shakeup, anchor Kasie Hunt replaced Harlow and her co-host Phil Mattingly, who later transitioned to the role of chief domestic correspondent. Despite the changes, the morning show’s viewership failed to improve, leading to further adjustments within the network.

Under the new leadership of Mark Thompson, CNN opted to cancel the morning show entirely, leaving Harlow without a defined role. While Mattingly received a new position, Harlow found herself at a professional crossroads, eventually deciding to part ways with the network.

Thompson and Amy Entelis, the executive vice president at CNN, praised Harlow for her outstanding contributions over the years. Describing her as a talented and compassionate journalist, Thompson highlighted Harlow’s interviewing skills and rapport with audiences.

In a heartfelt message to her colleagues, Harlow expressed gratitude for the opportunities CNN provided her to cover significant events worldwide and connect with diverse individuals. She emphasized the importance of human stories and the dedication of journalism teams in conveying the truth despite industry challenges.

Looking ahead, Harlow shared her plans to focus on family and continue supporting the evolution of journalism, all while maintaining a deep-rooted appreciation for CNN’s commitment to reporting accurately and authentically. As she bids farewell to her CNN family, Poppy Harlow leaves behind a legacy of impactful reporting and heartfelt storytelling, inspiring future generations of journalists to uphold the values of truth and empathy in their work.


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