FIFA Strikes Historic $1 Billion Apple TV Rights Deal

FIFA Strikes Historic $1 Billion Apple TV Rights Deal

Soccer’s global governing body FIFA is on the verge of striking an unprecedented deal with tech giant Apple, granting the company exclusive worldwide television rights for a brand-new month-long club tournament. As reported by the New York Times on Monday, the agreement, valued at approximately $1 billion, is a fraction of FIFA’s initial estimation of $4 billion. Sources familiar with the negotiations revealed that the official announcement of this groundbreaking partnership could happen as early as this month.

The potential collaboration marks a significant milestone for FIFA as it would be the first time in history that the organization has entered a singular global contract. This development comes amidst a fierce competition among streaming service providers to secure broadcasting rights for highly anticipated sports events, aiming to attract more subscribers to their platforms.

Excitingly, the tournament is set to take place in the United States for the first time next summer, creating a buzz within the soccer community. However, senior executives at FIFA have expressed concerns regarding the accessibility of the event. There is uncertainty surrounding the inclusion of ‘free-to-air rights,’ which may restrict the viewing availability to Apple TV+ subscribers exclusively.

Moreover, FIFA’s pursuit of $150 million in sponsorship funding has faced obstacles as potential sponsors appear hesitant to commit to the substantial financial package. The organization’s efforts to secure backing for the event have encountered resistance in the current market environment.

The anticipated 32-team competition is scheduled to kick off between June 15 and July 13 next year. This timeframe is strategically chosen to provide players with ample rest during the off-season, a year prior to the World Cup, ensuring their peak performance on the international stage.

Despite the excitement surrounding the upcoming tournament, FIFA has received criticism from players’ unions for their perceived lack of consultation prior to significant announcements. Players and their representatives have voiced concerns about the decision-making process and the organization’s communication practices regarding the event.

When approached for comments on the matter, a FIFA spokesperson maintained the organization’s standard policy of neither confirming nor denying ongoing commercial negotiations. Conversely, Apple declined to provide any statement regarding the reported deal, keeping details under wraps as the exciting development continues to unfold.


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