Inner Circle Mourns: Tribute to Lost Colleague Conor Skelding

Inner Circle Mourns: Tribute to Lost Colleague Conor Skelding

The Inner Circle unveiled its annual charity show in Manhattan this past Saturday with a poignant homage to Conor Skelding, a beloved member of The Post’s Sunday team who tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer nearly a year ago. The atmosphere in the Ziegfeld Ballroom was filled with emotion as the entire audience joined together to serenade Skelding with ‘Amazing Grace’ while images of him and late Fox News Radio anchor Matt Napolitano illuminated the room.

Skelding’s widow, Lizzy Trelstad, expressed her gratitude, stating, ‘I could not think of a better way to honor my husband on the anniversary of his passing. It’s truly touching to witness his colleagues commemorate him and his exceptional talent. I deeply love and miss him.’

The Inner Circle commenced the solemn commemoration by recounting Skelding’s numerous achievements, beginning with his graduation from Columbia University in 2014, where he majored in English and American studies. His dedication to education was evident throughout his career, starting at Politico and ReOrg Research, before eventually landing at The New York Post. Not only was he the editor of the Blue and White, Columbia University’s undergraduate magazine, but he was also known for his youthful energy as the youngest member of the Inner Circle.

In addition to his journalistic feats, Skelding left a lasting impression as a member of the sketch comedy group, amusing audiences with his impersonations of notable figures such as ‘dancing Kasich’ and Jared Kushner. The crowd erupted in laughter as the president of the Inner Circle reminisced about Skelding’s portrayal of Justin Trudeau, emphasizing his wit and melodic voice. A video of Skelding playfully serenading ‘O Canada’ with a political twist further showcased his comedic prowess.

The tribute extended to include Fox News Radio anchor Matt Napolitano, honoring his memory with a heartfelt gesture that united the audience in a touching display of solidarity. As phones lit up the room, attendees harmonized to a beloved funeral hymn, embodying a sense of unity and remembrance.

President James Ford’s heartfelt words resonated throughout the venue, affirming the cherished legacy of Skelding and Napolitano. Amidst the somber tones, Ford injected humor into the evening, affirming the camaraderie and spirit of the event. Mayor Eric Adams added to the evening’s ambiance with playful banter aimed at the media, including The Post, showcasing a blend of light-hearted jest and genuine regard for the city’s journalistic landscape.

As the night unfolded, memories of Skelding and Napolitano lingered, underscoring the profound impact of their contributions to the media industry. The Inner Circle’s tribute not only celebrated their lives but also highlighted the camaraderie and respect shared among colleagues in times of both laughter and loss. The echoes of ‘O Canada’ lingered in the air, a poignant reminder of the lasting legacy left by those who are no longer with us.


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