Journalism World Mourns: Inner Circle Honors Conor Skelding

Journalism World Mourns: Inner Circle Honors Conor Skelding

The Inner Circle opened its annual charity show in Manhattan with a heartfelt tribute to Conor Skelding, a beloved member of The Post’s Sunday team who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer a year ago. At the Ziegfeld Ballroom, the audience joined together in singing ‘Amazing Grace’ while reminiscing about Skelding’s impact on journalism and his vibrant personality. Skelding’s widow, Lizzy Trelstad, expressed her gratitude for the touching homage, emphasizing her deep love and lasting memories of her late husband. The event highlighted Skelding’s remarkable journey, from his graduation at Columbia University to his successful career in journalism, including roles at Politico, ReOrg Research, and The New York Post. A poignant moment captured the essence of Skelding’s spirit as colleagues recognized his dedication and achievements.

The Inner Circle’s commemoration extended beyond Skelding to honor the late Fox News Radio anchor, Matt Napolitano, who passed away due to complications from lupus. Attendees paid their respects by illuminating the room with phone flashlights and engaging in a heartfelt rendition of a funeral hymn. President James Ford fondly recalled Skelding’s involvement in the group, showcasing his talent through comedic portrayals of political figures and memorable performances. Skelding’s contributions as the Inner Circle’s youngest member were celebrated, emphasizing his unique blend of humor and storytelling that left a lasting impact on those around him.

Mayor Eric Adams added a touch of humor to the evening, playfully teasing the media and poking fun at the city’s newspapers, including The Post. With a mix of laughter and nostalgia, the event demonstrated the power of camaraderie and remembrance within the journalistic community. As the night concluded with laughter and camaraderie, the legacy of Conor Skelding and his dedication to the craft of reporting shone brightly, reminding all of the enduring spirit of journalism and the bonds it creates. The Inner Circle’s tribute was a fitting homage to a remarkable individual whose passion for storytelling continues to inspire and unite journalists and readers alike.


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