Megyn Kelly Slams Ilhan Omar’s Daughter: Homelessness Debate

Megyn Kelly Slams Ilhan Omar's Daughter: Homelessness Debate

Megyn Kelly recently expressed her strong disapproval towards Isra Hirsi, the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, over her statements about being homeless and without food post her arrest for participating in anti-Israel demonstrations at Columbia University.

Isra Hirsi, aged 21 and a junior at Barnard College, was among the students arrested during the protests, leading to her eviction from the dorms. Megyn Kelly, on her SiriusXM podcast ‘The Megyn Kelly Show,’ showed no sympathy towards Hirsi’s plight, dismissing her claims.

Kelly pointed out Hirsi’s public involvement in the protests, stating that she chose to be a prominent face in the demonstrations. She questioned Hirsi’s portrayal of herself as someone left destitute without shelter or meals, emphasizing the choice Hirsi made to take a stand publicly.

Following her eviction from campus housing and the dining ban, Hirsi gave interviews to MSNBC and Teen Vogue, highlighting her distress about the situation. She expressed concerns about accommodation and meal arrangements, indicating a lack of support during the challenging period.

In her interview with Teen Vogue, Hirsi shared her feelings of panic and uncertainty regarding where she would sleep and how she would manage without campus resources. She recounted the disarray of her belongings and the delayed provision of food assistance after her suspension, reflecting on the hardship she faced.

The images of Hirsi among other arrested students at the tent encampment further showcased the intense situation at the protests. Being captured in handcuffs by the NYPD added to the intensity of the event, illustrating the consequences of her participation.

Isra Hirsi’s connection to Rep. Ilhan Omar, who expressed immense pride in her daughter amidst the ordeal, added another layer to the story. Omar commended Hirsi’s history of standing up for causes she believes in, emphasizing her courage and leadership from a young age.

Omar’s supportive statement portrayed Hirsi as a dedicated activist, highlighting her past initiatives such as organizing school walkouts and climate rallies. The narrative painted by Omar aimed to underscore Hirsi’s commitment to social justice causes, despite the recent challenges she faced.

The clash between Megyn Kelly’s critical stance and Ilhan Omar’s supportive perspective on Isra Hirsi’s situation continues to draw attention to the complexities of activism, personal choices, and the consequences individuals may encounter for their beliefs.


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