ABC Weatherman Axed: Stormy Office Romance Leads to Fallout

ABC Weatherman Axed: Stormy Office Romance Leads to Fallout

Ousted weatherman Rob Marciano’s stormy tenure at ABC News included clashes with fellow meteorologist Ginger Zee — a bitter feud that was kept tightly under wraps for years at the network, The Post has learned. Marciano, who was fired on Tuesday over alleged “anger management” issues, had joined “Good Morning America” in 2014 to take Zee’s weekend gig. At the time, Zee had been promoted to the daily “GMA” set to replace chief meteorologist Sam Champion. From the outset, Zee and Marciano’s working relationship was as turbulent as a Category 5 hurricane — and stayed that way for years, sources with knowledge told The Post. While Marciano’s “hot temper” caused problems on the show, Zee was equally capable of being “nasty.”

“I think she brought out the worst in him. I’m not giving him a pass,” a source said. The now-55-year-old Marciano and the now-43-year-old Zee frequently butted heads, according to multiple sources. Representatives for Marciano did not comment on the issue. The two meteorologists didn’t work well together, sources said, noting that both Zee and Marciano had issues with criticism. According to a media executive, “Ginger is a know-it-all.” Meanwhile, in meetings, when Marciano didn’t agree with a management decision, his “body language and tone would change.” Sources speculated that his contract did not get renewed after a spate of complaints about his behavior came to light last year. One insider reported that Marciano was temporarily “banned” from the Times Square studios of “GMA” after he allegedly made a colleague feel uncomfortable. A source speculated that Marciano’s salary may have been a factor in his firing. It’s unclear what exactly transpired between Marciano and his colleague last year, but another source said he had allegedly been dealing with some “anger management issues” while going through a divorce from his wife. Marciano and Zee were married for 11 years and share two kids. A source who has worked with Marciano said his behavior wasn’t linked to his divorce or his run-ins with Zee. “His personality wasn’t caused by his divorce or being treated like a beta,” said the source. “He’s got a temper. He’s got a short fuse.”


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