Disney Puts Pressure on ABC News’ Kim Godwin Amid Drama

Disney Puts Pressure on ABC News' Kim Godwin Amid Drama

Embattled ABC News president Kim Godwin is currently under intense scrutiny from Disney’s corporate leadership. Reports suggest that Debra OConnell, a top Disney executive overseeing ABC News, is conducting a comprehensive review of Godwin’s stewardship, following concerns about mismanagement within the division.

OConnell, who now leads ABC News and reports directly to Dana Walden, is reportedly displeased with what she perceives as Godwin’s hands-off leadership approach. Issues such as Godwin’s failure to fill key positions and retain top talent have raised alarms within the company.

Furthermore, Godwin’s leadership has faced challenges with the erosion of “Good Morning America’s” ratings dominance in the face of growing competition from other networks. These factors, coupled with recent high-profile departures like that of weatherman Rob Marciano over alleged anger issues, have intensified the scrutiny on Godwin’s leadership.

OConnell’s review could potentially spell trouble for Godwin and key members of her team, including executive editor Stacia Deshishku, Derek Medina, and Jose Andino. The impending review follows discussions about Godwin’s leadership style and decisions within the news division.

Godwin’s relationship with her corporate superiors at Disney has also faced strains, with reports indicating dissatisfaction with what she views as micromanagement. Despite her recent contract with Disney, Godwin reportedly expressed determination over her authority in the network, a stance that did not sit well with some within the organization.

The news division has been grappling with internal tensions, including concerns among staff members about a ‘culture of fear’ post-layoffs and a perceived focus on self-promotion rather than the core mission of journalism. Criticisms extend to Godwin’s handling of sensitive issues, such as the public romance between former ‘GMA’ hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach.

As the future of ABC News leadership remains uncertain, the ongoing review led by OConnell raises questions about the direction of one of the major news networks in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.


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