Rob Marciano Spotted Post-Firing: What’s Next for Him?

Rob Marciano Spotted Post-Firing: What's Next for Him?

Former ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano, who was recently fired from the network due to alleged anger issues and inappropriate behavior, was seen in public for the first time post his ouster. Marciano appeared outside his Westchester County home dressed casually, sporting a baseball cap and carrying a backpack and coffee tumbler as he headed to his black Ford Bronco SUV. The controversial meteorologist chose to remain silent when approached by a Post photographer, offering no comments regarding his unexpected exit from ABC News.

The abrupt departure of Marciano stemmed from a reported heated confrontation with a ‘Good Morning America’ producer, witnessed by multiple staffers. This incident served as the ‘last straw’ leading to his dismissal, which came as a surprise to many after his ten-year stint at ABC News. Sources revealed that chief meteorologist Ginger Zee played a significant role in escalating the situation after bringing attention to Marciano’s behavior to higher-ups, ultimately resulting in his termination.

Moreover, complaints from female staffers at ‘GMA’ highlighted a pattern of discomfort caused by Marciano’s alleged oversharing of personal details, including those related to his divorce from his wife. The ongoing divorce seemed to have affected Marciano’s demeanor at work, with colleagues noting his frequent ‘cranky’ behavior. Despite attempts to address his reported ‘anger management issues,’ Marciano’s behavior continued to raise concerns among coworkers, leading to his eventual ban from the ‘GMA’ studios in Times Square.

His tumultuous relationship with Zee, dating back to his tenure as a replacement weekend weatherman in 2014, further added to the workplace tension. Sources indicated a clash between the two personalities, culminating in a year-long banishment of Marciano from the ‘GMA’ studios. Although kept under wraps by management for years, the underlying discord between Marciano and Zee eventually came to light, shedding light on the dynamics within the network’s weather department.

Following his divorce’s finalization in early 2023, Marciano’s ban from the ‘GMA’ studios was lifted, only for him to announce a shift from weekend to weekday broadcasts. Despite attempts to mend the strained relationships within the ABC News team, Marciano’s lingering behavioral issues continued to pose challenges, leading to his recent departure amidst a cloud of controversy.

As speculations and rumors surrounding Marciano’s conduct continue to circulate, the meteorologist’s future endeavors remain uncertain. ABC News has refrained from commenting on the recent developments, leaving the public curious about the next chapter in Rob Marciano’s career. While the details of his exit from the network remain shrouded in secrecy, the aftermath of this high-profile departure serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics that underpin the glamorous facade of television journalism.


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