Rob Marciano’s Stormy ABC News Tenure: Weather & Drama Collide

Rob Marciano's Stormy ABC News Tenure: Weather & Drama Collide

Ousted weatherman Rob Marciano’s time at ABC News was marked by tumultuous clashes with fellow meteorologist Ginger Zee, a feud that remained hidden from the public eye for years, reports The Post. Marciano, who joined ‘Good Morning America’ in 2014, replaced Zee’s weekend slot as she moved to the daily ‘GMA’ set to take over from Sam Champion. The dynamic between Marciano and Zee quickly soured, with sources revealing a working relationship as stormy as a Category 5 hurricane.

While Marciano’s alleged ‘hot temper’ caused issues on the show, Zee was described as equally ‘nasty’ by sources. Despite their shared passion for meteorology, their personalities clashed, leading to ongoing tensions that impacted their collaboration.

Sources indicated that Zee often treated Marciano as ‘beta’ to her ‘alpha,’ asserting dominance in work interactions. Additionally, Marciano’s arrival coincided with ABC’s launch of a 24/7 weather unit, aimed at enhancing coverage across the network’s programs. However, the duo failed to synchronize, with Zee reportedly asserting authority over assignments from the start.

Meetings between the two meteorologists were described as challenging, with both struggling to handle criticism gracefully. Zee, characterized as a ‘know-it-all’ by a media executive, was noted for citing her Twitter followers as validation, while Marciano’s discontent with management decisions often translated into visible expressions of displeasure.

Last year, Marciano faced behavioral issues that led to his exclusion from the ‘GMA’ set, redirecting him to ‘World News Tonight’ for field reports. Despite disputes over his behavior, a close source defended Zee, portraying her as a collaborative and respected figure within the team.

Speculation surrounds Marciano’s abrupt departure, with suggestions of budget considerations and past complaints impacting his contract renewal. While details remain undisclosed, sources hinted at ‘anger management’ issues related to his divorce as a potential factor. Despite his personal challenges, acquaintances of Marciano emphasized his inherent temperament, noting a propensity for outbursts unrelated to external circumstances.

The narrative of Rob Marciano’s tenure at ABC News unveils the complexities of professional relationships, underscoring how interpersonal dynamics can influence the workplace environment. As the meteorologist bids farewell to his role amid swirling controversies, the impact of his departure on the network’s weather reporting landscape remains to be seen.


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