Breaking: ABC’s Rob Marciano Fired Over Anger Issues

Breaking: ABC's Rob Marciano Fired Over Anger Issues

Veteran ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano found himself in hot water as he was fired on Tuesday following a tumultuous past year. Marciano, a familiar face on ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘World News Tonight’ for over a decade, faced backlash last year due to complaints about his behavior. The Cornell graduate was temporarily banned from ‘GMA’ studios after reportedly making a colleague uncomfortable, a situation highlighted by Page Six in March 2023. Despite being found to have engaged in improper conduct, Marciano faced repercussions but was not granted a return to his previous roles.

ABC News remained tight-lipped about the recent dismissal, leaving many questions unanswered. However, sources revealed that Marciano, who had also been providing weather reports for various ABC News platforms, had been moved around within the network recently. The 55-year-old weatherman had been contributing to ‘World News Tonight’ and ‘GMA,’ in addition to delivering reports from the field rather than the studio.

The controversial departure stemmed from unspecified incidents last year, rumored to be linked to anger management issues following his divorce. Sources hinted at a series of uncomfortable events that led to Marciano’s removal from airtime, emphasizing the seriousness with which ABC News handled the situation. Executive producer Simone Swink played a pivotal role in ensuring a professional and harmonious work environment, prioritizing the team’s welfare.

Marciano’s journey in the media industry began after graduating from Cornell with a meteorology degree. He worked at local stations before securing positions at ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ CNN, and eventually landing at ABC in 2014. Despite his professional achievements, the recent turmoil surrounding his behavior has overshadowed his career.

As the curtain falls on Rob Marciano’s tenure at ABC News, the circumstances surrounding his exit serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of maintaining professionalism and interpersonal relationships in the workplace. The industry’s spotlight may have moved away from Marciano, but the lessons learned from this episode remain ingrained in the fabric of broadcast journalism.


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