Rob Marciano & Ginger Zee Clash: Inside ABC News Weather Feud

Rob Marciano & Ginger Zee Clash: Inside ABC News Weather Feud

The corridors of ABC News were not all sunshine and rainbows as the stormy tenure of weatherman Rob Marciano came to an abrupt end. Recent revelations expose a bitter feud between Marciano and fellow meteorologist Ginger Zee that brewed behind the scenes for years.

Marciano’s journey at ABC hit turbulent skies when he landed on the ‘Good Morning America’ set in 2014, taking over Zee’s weekend spot after her promotion to the daily ‘GMA’ slot. Sources disclosed that from the get-go, their working relationship mirrored a Category 5 hurricane, fraught with clashes and tension.

While Marciano’s ‘hot temper’ was noted to cause disruptions, Zee wasn’t innocent either, described by insiders as equally capable of being ‘nasty.’ A source revealed, ‘I think she brought out the worst in him. I’m not giving him a pass.’

The dynamics between the now-55-year-old Marciano, formerly of CNN, and the now-43-year-old Zee, were far from harmonious. Multiple insiders shared that Zee often asserted dominance, treating Marciano as a subordinate in their weather coverage.

Marciano’s arrival coincided with ABC’s push for a 24/7 weather unit, yet collaboration between the two weather experts proved elusive. Zee reportedly ‘pulled rank’ over assignments, exacerbating the friction.

The drama didn’t stop there. Meetings turned tense as disagreements arose. Zee allegedly displayed a ‘know-it-all’ attitude, often citing her Twitter followers to enforce her points. On the other hand, Marciano’s discontent was palpable; his body language and tone shifting visibly when faced with decisions he disagreed with.

Last year, Marciano faced a ban from the ‘GMA’ set amidst behavioral complaints, leading to his relocation to ‘World News Tonight’ with limited appearances on ‘GMA.’ While sources hinted at a potential budget-related departure, pointing to Marciano’s hefty salary and reduced workload, others speculated his ‘anger management’ issues played a role.

As the dust settled on Marciano’s stormy exit, sources delved into his personal life, highlighting a divorce from his wife of 11 years. However, insiders emphasized that his behavior issues were not solely tied to his divorce or clashes with Zee but rooted in his temperament. ‘He’s got a short fuse,’ remarked a source who worked alongside Marciano.

The unraveling tale of ABC’s weather duo sheds light on the intricacies of broadcast dynamics behind the scenes. Despite their shared passion for meteorology, Marciano and Zee’s clashing personalities created a storm that ABC could no longer weather, ultimately leading to Marciano’s unceremonious departure from the network.


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