Exclusive: Democratic Donors Back Anti-Israel Campus Protests

Exclusive: Democratic Donors Back Anti-Israel Campus Protests

Recent reports have revealed a surprising connection between big-name Democratic donors and the funding of anti-Israel protests on college campuses in the United States. According to Politico, prominent figures like George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, David Rockefeller Jr., and Susan and Nick Pritzker have been providing financial support to organizations spearheading pro-Palestinian demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The main groups behind these protests, Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow, have been receiving backing from the Tides Foundation, which receives substantial funding from Soros and the Gates foundation. The Rockefeller Fund, for instance, contributed $300,000 to the Tides Foundation in 2022, further fueling the anti-Israel efforts.

Specifically, the Tides Foundation has allocated $500,000 to Jewish Voice for Peace, a far-left, anti-Zionist organization known for attributing attacks on Israel to the country itself and the US, rather than Hamas. These revelations have shed light on the interconnected web of financial support for causes critical of Israel.

The political landscape surrounding these revelations has sparked varied reactions online. Critics have pointed out the lack of surprise in these findings, with many noting the overlap between donors funding anti-Israel protests and those supporting President Biden’s re-election campaign. The online discourse reflects a mix of skepticism, sarcasm, and resignation to the perceived realities of political financing.

In addition to fueling protests on college campuses, the same backers have reportedly been involved in disrupting events attended by President Biden and other Democratic leaders. The protestors, who have nicknamed Biden ‘Genocide Joe,’ continue to voice their opposition to US involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict, amplifying their message through various forms of activism and protest.

President Biden himself addressed the issue of peaceful protest versus disorder in a recent speech, emphasizing the importance of upholding civil order while respecting the right to demonstrate. He condemned violent actions such as property destruction, vandalism, and intimidation, stressing that such behaviors are not protected under the guise of peaceful protest. Biden’s comments underscore the delicate balance between free expression and maintaining societal order in the face of escalating tensions.

Moreover, recent reports from Fox News Digital have uncovered the involvement of a left-wing dark money group linked to Soros in offering bail and legal support to anti-Israel activists detained during protests that disrupted major roads and highways across the country. A15 Action, the organizing force behind these disruptions, coordinated economic blockades in solidarity with Palestine, highlighting the depth of commitment among certain factions to amplify their anti-Israel sentiment.

The complex interplay of political funding, activism, and social unrest underscores the multifaceted nature of contemporary protests and the intricate relationships that fuel them. As debates around the Israel-Palestine conflict continue to unfold on college campuses and beyond, the role of financial backers in shaping these demonstrations serves as a reminder of the far-reaching influences within the protest landscape. The intersection of political interests, activism, and public discourse remains a dynamic arena where competing voices seek to shape the narrative surrounding global conflicts.


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