Megyn Kelly Blasts Stormy Daniels on Trump Tale Rewrite!

Megyn Kelly Blasts Stormy Daniels on Trump Tale Rewrite!

Megyn Kelly did not hold back during her SiriusXM podcast ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ when addressing Stormy Daniels and what she called ‘bulls–t #MeToo revisionism.’ The former adult film star, known legally as Stephanie Clifford, returned to the witness stand in a Manhattan courtroom as part of the ‘hush money’ case against former President Donald Trump.

During the podcast episode, Kelly expressed shock at what she described as a complete revision of Daniels’ initial account of her alleged sexual encounter with Trump. She highlighted the evolution of Daniels’ narrative from a casual and positive description to a more alarming and distressing portrayal. Kelly emphasized how Daniels’ account transformed from depicting Trump as ‘interesting and nice’ to claiming she ‘blacked out’ and felt physical distress during the encounter.

Kelly pointed out what she considered contradictions in Daniels’ testimony, questioning the portrayal of the incident as non-threatening while also indicating a lack of refusal on her part. Kelly labeled this narrative shift as ‘b–llshit #MeToo revisionism’ and criticized the widespread acceptance of it.

The contentious testimony saw Daniels recounting the events of her encounter with Trump at a Lake Tahoe hotel in 2006. She detailed Trump’s alleged sexual advances and his remarks during their time together, including a comment about leaving a ‘trailer park.’ Daniels claimed to have ‘blacked out’ without any substance use, attributing the blackout to Trump blocking her exit from the room.

Kelly dissected the inconsistencies between Daniels’ courtroom statements and previous media appearances where she presented Trump in a more favorable light. Kelly highlighted specific discrepancies, including statements made by Daniels during interviews in 2018 and recent comments on talk shows like ‘The View.’

The podcast episode delved into past interviews and publications where Daniels allegedly provided varying accounts of the encounter with Trump. Kelly scrutinized Daniels’ statements regarding her awareness during the incident, contrasting the perceived ‘blacked out’ state with expressions of financial interest and satisfaction in published interviews.

Kelly reinforced her skepticism by referencing a 2011 interview that was only published in 2018 due to legal concerns. In this interview, Daniels reportedly mentioned concerns about payment during the encounter with Trump, indicating a level of cognizance inconsistent with a blackout state.

Throughout the discussion, Kelly continuously underscored the discrepancies between Daniels’ public statements and her courtroom testimony. She emphasized the importance of critically examining the evolving narrative surrounding the Trump-Daniels encounter and raised doubts about the credibility of the revised accounts.

The ongoing legal proceedings have brought to light the complex nature of testimonies and the challenges of reconciling differing versions of events. As the case unfolds, the scrutiny surrounding Daniels’ testimony and the implications of her revised narrative continue to spark debate and reflection on the intersection of personal accounts, public perception, and legal proceedings.


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