Exclusive Peek: Smucker Family’s Bold Plaza Hotel Move!

Exclusive Peek: Smucker Family's Bold Plaza Hotel Move!

In a surprising turn of events, the Smucker family, known for their delectable fruit spreads, found themselves in a bit of a jam at the iconic Plaza Hotel – but things took a sweeter turn than expected!

Tim and Jenny Smucker, the eighth generation heirs of the esteemed fruit spread dynasty, faced a substantial financial blow when they auctioned off their one-bedroom pied-à-terre at the luxurious Plaza Hotel for $1.9 million, marking a significant decrease from its purchase price of $2.95 million in 2021.

Despite the setback, the resilient family’s love for the historic Plaza Hotel remains unwavering. In a bold move, the Smuckers decided to upgrade, acquiring a larger unit on the ninth floor for $3.7 million. This spacious 1,212-square-foot residence boasts exquisite Central Park views and luxurious amenities, making it a truly indulgent escape.

The lavish apartment offers one bedroom, 1.5 baths, and elegant features such as herringbone hardwood floors, crown moldings, and hand-painted walls. With a walk-in closet and a spa-like ensuite bath, the bedroom exudes opulence and comfort. The expansive living/dining room overlooks Central Park, providing a picturesque setting for gatherings and relaxation.

Purchasing the upscale unit through an anonymous shell company based in Akron, Ohio, the Smuckers took advantage of the current buyer’s market at the Plaza, seizing the opportunity to acquire a prime piece of real estate at a favorable price.

The new residence is a significant upgrade from their previous pied-à-terre, offering more space and luxurious amenities. In contrast, their former abode, No. 508, with a quaint 782 square feet and a charming 522 square foot terrace, exudes tranquility as it faces the Plaza’s lush courtyard fountain and gardens.

Noteworthy is the proximity of No. 508 to the illustrious Astor Suite, No. 509, previously inhabited by renowned personalities such as John Jacob Astor, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, President John F. Kennedy, Sean Parker, and Jürgen Friedrich. Designed by the esteemed S.R. Gambrel, both residences showcase exquisite details and unparalleled elegance, reminiscent of Windsor Castle’s grandeur.

For the auction of their former pied-à-terre, the Smuckers enlisted the services of Kiko Auctions, a well-known Ohio-based company with expertise in handling auctions for various assets, including tractors. Eileen McGill of Elegran Forbes Global Properties and Peter R. Kiko of Kiko Auctions facilitated the sale, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction for the renowned fruit spread family.

The Smucker family’s Plaza Hotel saga serves as a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and enduring love for exquisite living spaces, showcasing their ability to turn challenges into sweet opportunities in the ever-evolving world of luxury real estate.


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