Cohen Defies Odds, Remains at Trump Park Amid Controversy

Cohen Defies Odds, Remains at Trump Park Amid Controversy

Michael Cohen, once a close confidant of former President Donald Trump turned adversary, continues to call Trump Park Avenue his residence, a fact uncovered by The Post. Back in 2005, Cohen, along with his wife Laura, made a significant purchase of a luxurious apartment on the Upper East Side located at 502 Park Ave, for nearly $5 million. To seal the deal, they secured a $2 million mortgage, which Cohen managed to clear entirely by 2019, as per records.

Despite the strained relationship between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump, Cohen remains situated at Trump Park Avenue, a living arrangement highlighted by recent photos captured by the media.

A closer investigation into Cohen’s property ownership strategy revealed that he had transferred the property into a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in the same year of purchase. This tactical move not only shields the property from hefty gift taxes but also ensures a smooth transition of assets to their two children, signaling Cohen’s long-term commitment to the residence.

Furthermore, recent findings indicate that Cohen continues to hold a position as a board member of the building, underscoring his ongoing association with the Trump-branded establishment. Despite the lack of availability of the unit’s listing details due to the distant time of sale, Cohen seems resolute in his decision to maintain ownership of the property associated with his estranged former boss.

Originally erected as the iconic Hotel Delmonico in 1929, the building underwent a transformation under Trump’s ownership in 2001. Trump’s visionary project, brought to life by architect Costas Kondylis, converted the structure into a residential building featuring 120 luxury condominiums and eight penthouses, further cementing the legacy of the Trump brand.

Looking ahead, Cohen is poised to testify against Trump in Manhattan Criminal Court as the former president faces a hefty 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records. This anticipated courtroom appearance by Cohen, once known as Trump’s loyal ‘pit bull,’ marks a significant turn in their relationship, punctuated by Cohen’s previous legal entanglements and his subsequent fallout with Trump.

After facing a three-year prison sentence for criminal tax evasion, false statements to a bank, and campaign finance violations, Cohen saw his bond with Trump deteriorate. His 2019 memoir attributed his imprisonment to his ties with Trump. Following a period of home confinement at his Trump Park Avenue condo in the last year of his sentencing, Cohen was eventually released in late 2021, solidifying the complex and tumultuous saga that defines his past connections with the former president.


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