Hamptons Homeowner Duped by Cunning Airbnb Scam

Hamptons Homeowner Duped by Cunning Airbnb Scam

A shocking incident has rocked the real estate scene in the Hamptons, involving a homeowner, Sarah Stewart, who found herself in the midst of an Airbnb scam. Stewart, a Corcoran agent, was left astounded when she received a call requesting a hefty $25,000 wire transfer for a rental she had no knowledge of. It was later revealed that her luxurious East Hampton property had been fraudulently listed on Airbnb without her consent.

Stewart usually rents out her exquisite five-bedroom abode through Corcoran during the peak seasons but never via Airbnb. The property, featuring five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and two outdoor showers, is currently available for a substantial $175,000 for the entire month of August through Labor Day.

The unsuspecting homeowner expressed her dismay upon learning of the scam, as the fraudulent listing attempted to swindle a potential renter out of $25,000. Despite Stewart’s immediate action in contacting Airbnb to remove the misleading listing, it resurfaced shortly after. Frustrated by this recurrence, Stewart escalated her complaint within Airbnb’s customer service channels, only to be advised to directly connect with the supposed ‘host,’ escalating her concerns over privacy and personal information security.

Ultimately, a copyright takedown notice from Corcoran successfully led Airbnb to permanently remove the fraudulent listing. However, the lingering unease remained for Stewart, contemplating the potential misuse of her personal information by the scammer.

Airbnb reassured the public that such occurrences are uncommon, citing the removal of over 59,000 fraudulent listings last year alone. The company emphasized its commitment to combatting fake listings by implementing stringent verification processes and enhancing security measures to safeguard guest bookings.

This incident sheds light on the persistent battle against fraudulent activities on Airbnb’s platform. With CEO Brian Chesky’s vow to combat fake listings using advanced AI technology and stringent verification processes, Airbnb aims to maintain trust and reliability within its community while ensuring the integrity of its offerings, especially in its top markets.


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