Sinatra & Farrow’s Lavish Estate Now For Sale! Rare Peek Inside!

Sinatra & Farrow's Lavish Estate Now For Sale! Rare Peek Inside!

Frank Sinatra and actress Mia Farrow once shared an unexpected love story, centered around a charming brownstone located on the Upper East Side. This iconic residence, where the famous couple resided from 1963 to 1969, has recently been listed for sale at $4.45 million, marking the first time it has been on the market in over half a century.

The historic home at 249 East 61st Street, built in 1872, witnessed the whirlwind romance between Sinatra, then 49, and Farrow, just 19 when they met in 1964. Their marriage, although short-lived, left a lasting imprint on the property.

Despite their eventual divorce, Sinatra was reluctant to part ways with the beloved brownstone. The home, rich in original details like stained glass, mantels, and hardwood floors, holds a significant place in the memories of the Solomon family, who acquired the residence from Sinatra in 1969.

Teimour Solomon, a member of the Solomon family, shared the intriguing history that ties his ancestors to this remarkable house. Fleeing from persecution in various countries, the Solomons found solace in the US and extended their hospitality to others seeking refuge, including those escaping the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

The brownstone, part of the Treadwell Farm Historic District, stands as a symbol of resilience and cultural heritage. Over the years, the property has undergone architectural transformations, courtesy of renowned figures like architect Frederick Sterner and even Sinatra himself, who imparted a modern touch to the residence while preserving its classic charm.

Drawing on a blend of influences from diverse backgrounds, the home’s interior is adorned with an eclectic mix of art and artifacts, echoing Yris Solomon’s passion for antique Persian and Middle Eastern pieces. The house doubled as a hub for cultural exchange, where individuals from all walks of life congregated for dinners and gatherings, hosted by Teimour’s father, Dr. David Y. Solomon, a respected physician within the community.

Fond memories of lively Friday night dinners filled with guests ranging from diplomats to cab drivers paint a vivid picture of inclusivity and warmth that permeated the walls of this historic abode. Its legacy as a sanctuary for those seeking acceptance and camaraderie resonates deeply with the spirit of unity and hospitality that defined the Solomon family’s tenure in the house.

As this storied property enters a new chapter with its recent listing, offering a glimpse into a bygone era of Hollywood romance and cultural fusion, the echoes of Sinatra’s crooning voice and Farrow’s timeless grace linger within the walls of this treasured home. The narrative of love, resilience, and artistic passion that unfolded within its rooms encapsulates a quintessentially American tale, woven with threads of history, art, and the enduring spirit of home.

The listing brokers, Thomas Wexler and Jed Garfield of Leslie J. Garfield, usher in a new era for this historic gem, inviting prospective buyers to step into a world where the echoes of the past harmonize with the promise of a vibrant future, waiting to be inscribed within the walls of 249 East 61st Street.


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