Sofia Vergara’s Mansion Sale: A Steal in Beverly Hills!

Sofia Vergara's Mansion Sale: A Steal in Beverly Hills!

Sofia Vergara, the renowned actress, has officially bid farewell to her extravagant Beverly Hills mansion, sealing the deal at a reduced price. The 51-year-old star managed to clinch the sale of her seven-bedroom abode for $13.7 million, which marked a substantial drop from her initial listing price. The luxurious property, which was once shared with her ex-husband Joe Manganiello, 47, had its fair share of highs and lows on the real estate market.

The mansion spans an impressive 11,369 square feet and boasts a range of lavish amenities. The property, originally acquired for $10.6 million in 2014, was re-listed by Vergara in January for $13.95 million, only to see the price slashed in an attempt to attract potential buyers. This move signifies the conclusion of a real estate journey that began when the couple first listed their marital home in 2022 for a staggering $19.6 million, later reducing it to $18 million following their separation announcement.

Despite the mansion’s seven bedrooms and opulent features, including a sprawling pool, a spa, and a full-sized gym, Vergara’s decision to sell may have been driven by its sentimental ties to her past. The property had ceased to serve as her primary residence, with Vergara and Manganiello opting for a $20 million mansion in nearby Beverly Park in 2020.

The dwelling, designed with luxury in mind, exudes opulence at every corner, from its Tuscan-inspired interior by designer Jennifer Bevan to its expansive 11,000-plus square feet of space. Notable features include a movie theater, a wine cellar capable of accommodating 3,000 bottles, and a full-size bar.

Vergara’s journey with this mansion comes to a close, marking a significant transition in her real estate portfolio. As she moves forward, fans and onlookers await with anticipation to see where her next residential chapter will unfold.


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