Celebrity Estate Buzz: Vergara’s Beverly Hills Sale & More

Celebrity Estate Buzz: Vergara's Beverly Hills Sale & More

Sofia Vergara, the popular actress, has recently bid farewell to her lavish Beverly Hills mansion, marking the end of a real estate saga that involved a significant price reduction. The 51-year-old star managed to clinch the sale of her seven-bedroom abode for $13.7 million, a considerable drop from her original listing price.

The property, which spanned an impressive 11,369 square feet and was once shared with her ex-husband Joe Manganiello, 47, had its fair share of ups and downs on the market. Despite boasting extravagant amenities such as a sprawling pool, a spa, and a full-sized gym, the mansion’s ties to Vergara’s past seemed to have influenced her decision to sell it.

Originally acquired for $10.6 million back in 2014, Vergara had relisted the estate in January for a lofty $13.95 million, only to slash the price later in an attempt to attract buyers. This move came after the couple first listed their marital home in 2022 for a staggering $19.6 million, eventually reducing it to $18 million following their separation announcement.

The property had not served as Vergara’s primary residence for some time, with her and Manganiello opting for a $20 million mansion in nearby Beverly Park in 2020. The Beverly Hills mansion, designed with opulence in mind, featured a Tuscan-inspired interior by designer Jennifer Bevan, along with a movie theater, a wine cellar that could house 3,000 bottles, and a full-size bar.

On a different note in the realm of celebrity real estate, Serena Williams’ stepmother, Lakeisha Williams, has been compelled to sell the childhood home of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams due to a mountain of debt. Facing a $600,000 debt, Lakeisha Williams is in the process of settling her financial obligations by parting ways with the Florida property.

Additionally, Frank Sinatra’s former NYC townhouse has hit the market for the first time in over 50 years at a listing price of $4.45 million. This iconic piece of real estate offers a glimpse into the legendary singer’s past, attracting attention from those interested in owning a part of music history.

In a rather unique listing, an entire wild west-themed town in Montana is up for grabs at $1.7 million. The ‘Frontier Town Montana’ promises a blend of history and adventure to potential buyers looking for a distinctive property.

As these high-profile properties change hands and new opportunities arise in the real estate market, the world eagerly watches to see who will take ownership of these iconic homes and what the future holds for these celebrity-linked properties.


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