Discover Frontier Town: Own a Piece of Montana’s Wild West!

Discover Frontier Town: Own a Piece of Montana's Wild West!

Have you ever dreamed of being the mayor and the sheriff of your own mini frontier town? Well, now you can with the Wild West-themed compound located just 15 miles west of Helena, Montana. This unique property, listed at $1.7 million on Zillow, was once the famous Frontier Town, a bustling tourist attraction that drew up to 2,000 visitors a day during its peak season.

Constructed in the 1940s by John R. Quigley, Frontier Town is a remarkable piece of history featuring 42 rooms and outbuildings all crafted from Montana rock and lumber. The ghost town includes a bank, a jail, a museum, cabins, a general store, and a stunning 50-seat chapel with a choir loft. Notably, the town’s crown jewel is the legendary saloon where patrons, including the late Rev. Billy Graham, gathered around a 50-foot-long bar made from a repurposed Douglas fir tree, weighing over 6 tons.

The property, now listed without the liquor license, has a rich past tied to various owners. Local resident Tom Battershell acquired the town, including the liquor license, for $190,000 at a sheriff’s auction in 2001. However, due to financial difficulties, the town fell into disrepair and was auctioned off to settle taxes.

Jeff Battershell, Tom’s son, later lived in the town for 23 years, enjoying its unique charm. After deciding to sell, he expressed a desire for someone new to experience the property. Jeff’s personal residence within Frontier Town boasts a rustic ambiance with wood-burning fireplaces, log and rock walls, and cozy living spaces.

Despite a failed sale in 2022, the property was relisted on Zillow, attracting interest primarily from out-of-state buyers. Quigley’s granddaughter, Taegan Walker, an aspiring travel advisor, dreams of transforming Frontier Town into a tourist hotspot, reminiscent of its glory days hosting weddings and honeymooners.

The property, brimming with Wild West decorative touches and a general store for thematic purposes, offers potential for various uses. Situated on 41 acres atop McDonald Pass, Frontier Town provides awe-inspiring views of mountain ranges, a serene pond, and 15 natural springs. With only four habitable rooms currently, the property promises vast potential for renovation and development.

With the increasing tourist influx in Montana, driven in part by popular shows like “Yellowstone,” Frontier Town holds promise as a lucrative investment opportunity. It could be transformed into a high-end resort or serve as a unique vacation rental, catering to the growing demand for distinctive travel experiences.

In the words of listing agent Deb Wong, “It’s one of a kind. There is no other property like it.” So, if you’ve ever imagined stepping back in time to the Wild West era, owning Frontier Town might just be your ticket to becoming the master of your own universe amidst the rugged beauty of Montana.


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