Michael Cohen’s Rift with Trump: Still at Trump Park Avenue

Michael Cohen's Rift with Trump: Still at Trump Park Avenue

Michael Cohen, once a steadfast ally of former President Donald Trump turned bitter foe, remains a resident at Trump Park Avenue, defying the strained ties between the two. The 57-year-old, together with his wife Laura, acquired the luxurious Upper East Side apartment at 502 Park Ave. back in 2005, splurging nearly $5 million on the property, as public records reveal. At the time of the purchase, they secured a $2 million mortgage to seal the deal.

In a surprising twist, despite the fallout between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump, Cohen still calls Trump Park Avenue his home. The former Trump attorney managed to erase his entire mortgage debt by 2019, according to available records. What’s more intriguing is Cohen’s strategic move in 2005, transferring the property ownership into a Qualified Personal Residence Trust. This savvy maneuver not only shielded the property from hefty gift taxes but also set the stage for a seamless transfer of assets to their two children.

Despite recent findings that Cohen retains his role as a board member of the building, the specifics of the unit’s listing remain a mystery due to the passage of time since its sale. In a development that may add more tension to the already strained relationship, Cohen is slated to testify against Trump in the Manhattan Criminal Court, where Trump faces a slew of 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records.

The historical background of the building itself adds more layers to the narrative. Originally known as the iconic Hotel Delmonico, it underwent a significant transformation under Trump’s ownership in 2001. Architect Costas Kondylis brought Trump’s vision to life, reshaping the structure into a residential masterpiece comprising 120 luxury condos and eight lavish penthouses.

Cohen’s upcoming role as a star witness in Trump’s criminal trial, particularly in the context of his past loyalty, showcases the deep cracks in their once-unshakable bond. The stark contrast between Cohen’s earlier declaration of being willing to ‘take a bullet’ for Trump and his current stance as a key prosecution witness is emblematic of the turbulent journey their relationship has taken.

Cohen’s own legal woes, which led to a three-year prison sentence for charges including criminal tax evasion, falsehoods to a bank, and campaign finance breaches, further fractured his association with Trump. Confined to home detention in his Trump Park Avenue abode for much of 2020, Cohen eventually saw his release in late 2021. As Cohen prepares to take the stand in the high-stakes legal battle against his once-confidant, the echoes of their tumultuous history continue to reverberate within the walls of the luxurious Trump Park Avenue residence.


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