Pier 57 Expansion: City Winery Unveils New Hudson Venues

Pier 57 Expansion: City Winery Unveils New Hudson Venues

Pier 57, the vibrant urban playground and commercial complex situated in the Hudson River off West 15th Street, is quickly filling up with exciting new additions. The latest deal signed by City Winery has expanded its current space by 14,600 square feet, bringing the total area to an impressive 52,000 square feet. This move effectively leaves almost none of the pier’s substantial 633,000 square feet available for lease.

The renowned City Winery, known for its combination of restaurant, wine bar, and concert venue, is gearing up to introduce new dining experiences. Among the forthcoming attractions is a flagship Corsican-Mediterranean eatery spanning 6,500 square feet, a sleek 3,000 square feet tequila bar and lounge, as well as a spacious 5,100 square feet rooftop sushi bar.

Both the Mediterranean eatery and the tequila/mezcal bar will find their homes on the ground floor of the Pier. Meanwhile, the sushi bar will share the expansive two-acre roof with various sightseeing facilities and green play areas that delight visitors of all ages, even drawing in the occasional honking geese, adding to the joyful ambiance.

William Elder, the executive vice-president and New York leasing director for pier operator RXR, expressed his enthusiasm for City Winery’s expansion. He highlighted how this growth solidifies the Pier’s position as a top-tier dining and entertainment destination along the Hudson River. Elder emphasized that Pier 57’s unique offerings continue to resonate with the local community.

City Winery’s founder, owner, and CEO, Michael Dorf, praised the culinary diversity that the Pier now encapsulates. In addition to the expanded City Winery space, Pier 57 is also home to Market 57, a vast food hall carefully curated under the guidance of the esteemed James Beard Foundation.

The new developments will offer guests stunning views overlooking Little Island, the thriving artificial island park located just south of Pier 57. This expansion further solidifies Pier 57’s transformation from a relic of the shipping era into a modern urban hotspot, achieved through a $410 million investment by RXR and partner Young Woo & Associates.

While Pier 57 is certainly a haven for fun and fine dining, it also serves as an essential commercial hub. Notably, the tech giant Google is the anchor tenant, leasing a substantial 350,000 square feet, which accounts for over half of the Pier’s total space.

Although the pier’s transformation into a bustling culinary and entertainment landmark wasn’t the initial plan envisioned by the late Anthony Bourdain, whose dream of a ‘hawker’ market on the Pier never materialized, Pier 57 stands today as a testament to culinary excellence and community vibrancy in the heart of New York City’s waterfront.


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