Bin Laden Brother’s Infamous Mansion Set for Demolition!

Bin Laden Brother's Infamous Mansion Set for Demolition!

A Central Florida mansion with a notorious past, once owned by Khalil bin Laden, brother to Al-Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden, is now on the brink of demolition. The history-rich estate, located off West Colonial Drive in Oakland, is undergoing the wrecking ball’s fate as reported by NBC affiliate WESH.

Originally acquired by Khalil in the 1980s, the mansion saw a swift departure of Khalil’s family following the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, leaving the property to face an uncertain future.

Neighborhood residents have witnessed the mansion’s evolution over the years, from being a residence to a wedding venue and finally to its current state of demolition. The most memorable event, according to a neighbor named Tara, was when Khalil’s family was airlifted out of the property on Sept. 19, 2001, bound for Saudi Arabia.

The infamous mansion has changed hands over time, sitting abandoned for years until recent developments in 2021. County records reveal that an LLC took ownership, signaling the beginning of the end for the once-magnificent property with a dark past.

Currently, the demolition efforts are underway, with approximately one-fifth of the property already reduced to ruins by Wednesday afternoon. The full demolition process is expected to span several weeks, targeting multiple structures on the expansive 17-acre land.

The estate, featuring five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a carriage house, barn, pool, spa, and waterfront view, was described as a unique gem by locals. The LLC behind the demolition project intends to transform the site into a mix of commercial space, preserved lakefront acres, and multi-family housing in the future.

While Khalil’s property is facing its final chapter, another bin Laden-linked home in Bel-Air owned by Ibrahim bin Laden struggles to find a buyer. Ibrahim, who fled his Bel-Air mansion following 9/11, has seen multiple price cuts in hopes of securing a sale for the seven-bedroom, five-bathroom property spanning over 7,100 square feet on 2 acres of land.

As the mansion’s walls crumble, a piece of history tied to one of the world’s most notorious families fades into memory, igniting discussions on the impact of past events on the fate of iconic properties.


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