Cohen’s Surprising Stay at Trump Park Despite Rocky History

Cohen's Surprising Stay at Trump Park Despite Rocky History

Former attorney to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, continues to reside in his Trump Park Avenue condo, showcasing a remarkable twist in his relationship with the former president. Despite their rocky history, Cohen, along with his wife Laura, purchased the luxurious apartment located at 502 Park Ave. back in 2005 for almost $5 million. Surprisingly, they managed to clear the $2 million mortgage associated with the property by 2019, freeing themselves from that financial burden.

In a strategic move, Cohen transferred ownership of the residence into a Qualified Personal Residence Trust, a decision that not only shields the property from considerable gift taxes but also ensures a seamless transition of assets to their children. It appears that Cohen has no intentions of parting ways with the residence that bears the name of his estranged former boss, Donald Trump.

Moreover, recent investigations reveal that Cohen remains an active member of the board of managers of the building, signifying his ongoing ties to the Trump-branded establishment. Even the listing details of the unit are not readily available due to the sale’s distant nature. The Post has reached out to Cohen for further comments on his current living situation.

Originally erected as the renowned Hotel Delmonico in 1929, the building underwent a significant transformation under Trump’s ownership in 2001. The architectural vision of Costas Kondylis brought about a shift, turning the structure into a residential building offering 120 luxury condominiums and eight extravagant penthouses.

Cohen’s involvement doesn’t stop at residing in the Trump-branded establishment; he is set to testify against Trump in the Manhattan Criminal Court. Trump faces a daunting 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, with Cohen positioned as a crucial witness for the prosecution in Trump’s criminal hush money trial. This legal battle further highlights the strained relationship between Cohen and the 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

The relationship between Cohen and Trump took a sour turn after Cohen’s sentencing to three years in prison for various charges, including criminal tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, and campaign finance violations. Despite previously declaring his loyalty to Trump, including being willing to ‘take a bullet’ for him, Cohen’s memoir in 2019 attributed his incarceration to his association with Trump. During his 2020 home confinement in his Trump Park Avenue condo, he reflected on this strained connection until his official release in late 2021. The saga continues as Cohen’s presence in Trump’s former territory raises questions about their tangled history and the upcoming legal battle that looms ahead.


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