Famed American Butcher’s $6M Waterfront Mansion Up for Sale

Famed American Butcher's $6M Waterfront Mansion Up for Sale

Pat LaFrieda, known as America’s most celebrated butcher, has put up his stunning waterfront mansion in Riverdale for sale at just under $6 million. This four-story Bronx residence, boasting nearly 6,000 square feet, stands out as one of the grandest and priciest homes in the Riverdale area. Perched on a private street named Scenic Place, the house offers breathtaking postcard views of the water.

Listing agent Adam Bachner from Coldwell Banker emphasized the exclusivity of the property, stating, ‘This is the only single-family home in Riverdale that directly overlooks the water.’ The house features luxurious indoor and outdoor kitchens, reflecting LaFrieda’s reputation as a meat connoisseur and expert in the culinary world.

The indoor kitchen is a hub of activity with its spacious design and top-of-the-line appliances. Boasting two sinks, two dishwashers, a steam and regular oven, gas and induction ranges, all adorned with high-end digital controls for seamless operation, this kitchen is a chef’s dream. Noteworthy is the family-centric approach taken during the renovation, including child-friendly elements to encourage participation and safety in culinary endeavors.

Beyond the kitchen, the house offers ample entertainment space, including an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, refrigerator, griddle, and grill for al-fresco dining experiences. The outdoor fireplace adds a cozy touch to the setting, making it enjoyable even in colder weather.

The residence doesn’t fall short on leisure amenities, featuring a movie-theater room, heated travertine driveway, and a two-car garage. The LaFriedas, who poured their dedication and care into the property, ensured the house’s quality by using high-end finishes and custom materials throughout.

With oversized windows framing captivating river views, the house exudes elegance and charm in every corner. The property, located on a cliff in a Special Natural Area District, promises unparalleled views of the Hudson River and the Palisades, making it a serene retreat from the bustling city life.

Having purchased the house eight years ago for $2.55 million, the LaFriedas are now ready to pass on this gem to new owners who can appreciate its beauty and create lasting memories within its walls. The house briefly listed last fall for $6.18 million, now priced at $5.99 million, offering a remarkable deal in the sought-after Riverdale neighborhood.

As the LaFriedas prepare to move to Alpine, NJ, to be closer to their business operations, they leave behind a legacy of warmth, elegance, and culinary delight in their Riverdale mansion. Their journey continues as they seek new horizons, carrying with them the memories and experiences shared within the walls of their beloved home.


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