Skittles Littles Living: Rent-Free Maximalist Dream in NYC!

Skittles Littles Living: Rent-Free Maximalist Dream in NYC!

Are you ready to live the rainbow? Skittles is offering a sweet deal with their latest creation, Skittles Littles! Imagine living in a vibrant, rainbow-filled apartment rent-free for a whole year. Yes, you heard that right!

Skittles has teamed up with Gen-Z sensation and interior decorator Dani Klarić to design a colorful ‘mini-yet-maximalist’ studio apartment in Manhattan. This unique living space exudes boldness and fun, perfect for anyone looking to experience the rainbow in a whole new way.

The lucky winner of this exciting opportunity will get to step into a world where every corner bursts with color and creativity. From rainbow cabinets to Skittles-themed pillows, the apartment is a whimsical paradise that will make you feel like you’re living inside a candy dream.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Klarić has incorporated clever design elements throughout the apartment to maximize both style and functionality. With just five days of work, she transformed the compact space into a cozy oasis, complete with a touch of Skittles magic in every detail.

One standout feature is the balcony that bathes the apartment in natural light. The rainbow colors, cloud wallpaper, and Skittles-inspired floor tiles create a cheerful atmosphere that is bound to uplift your spirits every day.

The apartment also boasts smart solutions for small living, such as a custom dining table that can be tucked away, a walk-in closet for storage, and a versatile murphy bed for when you need extra space. It’s a true testament to Klarić’s talent in blending style and practicality in a limited area.

Now, the big question is: how can you make this dream a reality? If you’re 18 years or older and reside in the US, you have until May 21st to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win one year of rent-free living in the Skittles Littles Living apartment. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of rainbows and joy brought to you by Skittles!

Get ready to taste the rainbow and literally live in it with Skittles Littles Living. Who knew eating Skittles could lead to such a colorful adventure in the heart of New York City! Will you be the lucky winner to call this rainbow-filled paradise home for a year?


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