Grace Hightower’s $20M Central Park Home Sale Signals New Beginnings

Grace Hightower's $20M Central Park Home Sale Signals New Beginnings

Grace Hightower, at the age of 69, is embarking on a new journey after her separation from actor Robert De Niro, sparking curiosity among locals. The lush greenery and blossoming trees of Central Park have been a constant backdrop through Hightower’s window, offering a coveted view that is now up for grabs.

Hightower has decided to part ways with their Upper West Side home, recently put on the market for a staggering $20 million as reported by the Wall Street Journal. This move signals her eagerness to carve out her vibrant sanctuary, different from the shared past with De Niro.

In an interview with the outlet, Hightower expressed her excitement for this change, envisioning a space filled with cobalt blue and splashes of pink. Her dreams are materializing as she seeks to create a new oasis where she can freely unleash her creativity and personality.

The listing of the nearly 6,000-square-foot duplex co-op at 88 Central Park West reflects Hightower’s strategic approach. Despite the property being originally purchased for $20.9 million, she priced it sensibly to attract a wide range of potential buyers, sharing her piece of Central Park luxury with the world.

Stepping inside, the home exudes warmth with family photos adorning the living room walls and charming decorative elements in the dining area. The kitchen, a cozy family hub, complements the three bedrooms and a lavish master suite with a closet larger than most New York apartments, offering a plush retreat for its future owner.

Reflecting on the past, Hightower remains tight-lipped about De Niro, referring to him simply as ‘my children’s father.’ The couple’s history, marked by a fiery incident in 2012 that resulted in their apartment being charred, holds a poignant memory. Despite the losses suffered in the blaze, including cherished possessions and her son’s artworks, Hightower found solace in the support of firefighters who saved their home.

The journey of renovation following the fire not only restored the physical space but also rejuvenated its energy. Amid disagreements with De Niro and subsequent rentals in different prestigious locations like the West Village and Central Park West, Hightower navigated through challenges that tested their resilience as a family.

The residence not only witnessed personal transformations but also carries a piece of history, once belonging to the controversial figure Harvey Weinstein. With a graceful smile, Hightower chooses to stay mum on this fact, focusing on the future and her roots, hinting at a new peaceful abode near the park that offers solace reminiscent of her upbringing on a farm in Mississippi.

As she envisions her next chapter, one thing is certain for Grace Hightower – a new beginning surrounded by nature and tranquility, painting a vivid picture of growth and resilience in the face of change.


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