Hidden Gem: Lenox Hill Townhouse with Secret Garden For Sale!

Hidden Gem: Lenox Hill Townhouse with Secret Garden For Sale!

A luxurious residence with unparalleled access to one of Manhattan’s hidden gems is now up for grabs, presenting a unique opportunity for a fortunate buyer. Situated in the prestigious Lenox Hill neighborhood at 164 E. 66th St. and priced at $10.75 million, this magnificent townhouse boasts exceptional features including a basement sauna, approximately 3,620 square feet of living space, a roof deck, and entry to a secluded oasis that rivals the famed Gramercy Park.

Unveiled alongside the listing is Jones Wood Garden, a verdant sanctuary sheltered within the vicinity of Lexington and Third avenues, accessible solely to residents in the nearby buildings. The lush expanse, a well-kept local secret, provides an exclusive retreat for homeowners in the vicinity, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

The current availability of No. 164 marks one of several prime opportunities for prospective buyers to secure a residence within this prestigious enclave. Joining properties such as Nos. 163, 159, and 157 E. 65th St., listed at varying prices ranging from $8.75 million to $13.45 million, these homes present a rare chance to become part of the coveted Jones Wood Garden community.

The recent surge of listings in this esteemed neighborhood reflects diverse motives among homeowners. While some are downsizing after raising families within the community, others perceive the simultaneous market entry as a mere coincidence, according to real estate experts managing the properties.

Established in the 1920s, Jones Wood Garden was developed as a revitalization project to transform a dozen brownstones into a shared green space, paying homage to the historical Jones Wood forest that once stood in the area. Encased within the surrounding buildings, the garden spans approximately 10,800 square feet, offering a unique bi-level layout that captivates visitors with its charm and allure.

The enchanting garden continues to enchant visitors, drawing parallels to its historic charm dating back a century. With an annual upkeep cost of around $3,000 shared among residents, the garden remains a well-preserved haven exclusive to the fortunate few living nearby.

In addition to the garden’s allure, the featured townhouse at No. 164 presents a host of luxurious amenities, including a fitness room, radiant-heated marble floors, an elevator, multiple fireplaces, two balconies, and five bedrooms complemented by 5.5 bathrooms. Renovated a decade ago, the property preserves its pristine condition and offers a lavish retreat for discerning buyers.

The concurrent availability of these distinctive homes not only highlights the shared privilege of garden access but also emphasizes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Each property, whether represented by Wexler, Guerrieri, or Leifer, showcases the beauty of nature through expansive windows, picturesque views, and elegant design details that amplify the charm of Jones Wood Garden.

Beyond the architectural marvels lies a sense of community and mutual respect among residents who value the privacy and tranquility afforded by this hidden oasis. As prospective buyers explore these offerings, they are not merely purchasing properties but gaining entrance into a serene neighborhood where luxury living harmoniously coexists with the beauty of nature. The allure of Lenox Hill’s hidden treasure continues to captivate, inviting those seeking an exclusive retreat within the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant landscape.


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