London’s Priciest Indoor Camping: Airbnb Tent’s Lavish Return

London’s Priciest Indoor Camping: Airbnb Tent's Lavish Return

A viral Airbnb location has made a comeback in Central London, but with a jaw-dropping price tag. The infamous $85 (£68) per night tent that stirred controversy earlier this year is back on the market, now demanding an even more eye-watering $100 (£80) per night. That’s over $2,800 a month before tacking on a daily service fee exceeding $17! According to Jam Press, the tent is positioned in a bustling area, warning potential renters about potential noise disturbances.

The initial listing painted a dreamy picture of the tent as ‘romantic,’ but the new description takes a more realistic tone. It highlights the security measures in place, such as two watch systems outside the tent to safeguard guests’ belongings. However, there’s no security system within the tent itself, raising concerns for some.

The host promises to provide essentials like a mattress, bedding, and towels, but guests are advised to bring their own earplugs. It’s important to note that the listed price is only valid for one of the three tents shown in the pictures, adding another layer of surprise to the already steep cost.

Despite the sky-high price, reviews on the Airbnb listing are mixed. Some guests praise the convenient location and responsive host, recommending the place for short stays. On the other hand, dissatisfied visitors expressed disappointment over cleanliness issues in common areas, citing unclean toilets and noisy neighbors disrupting their peace.

Overall, the London Airbnb tent continues to draw attention for its extravagant pricing and polarizing reviews. Would you be willing to shell out $100 a night for a tent stay in the heart of the bustling city, or does the thought of noisy nights and shared bathrooms make you reconsider this unconventional accommodation choice?


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