Los Feliz Murder Mansion: A Chilling Legacy Unveiled

Los Feliz Murder Mansion: A Chilling Legacy Unveiled

In the heart of Los Angeles’ neighborhood of Los Feliz lies a once-stately house at 2475 Glendower Place that has long held a haunting presence in the real estate market. Despite its grandeur with five bedrooms sprawling over 5,000 square feet, this property has failed to find permanent residents for 60 years due to its dark past and eerie atmosphere.

Changing hands repeatedly over the decades, each new owner has left the property vacant, unable to escape the shadows of its history. The infamy of this home traces back to a gruesome 1959 murder where a husband brutally beat his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer while she slept.

Built in 1925, the estate was initially owned by Harold and Florence Schumacher, who tragically passed away within weeks of each other in 1928. Subsequent owners faced similar tragedies; magazine editor Welford Beaton and his son Donald met untimely fates, with Donald succumbing to an infection at just 21 years old and Welford facing financial ruin.

The property’s darkest chapter unfolded in 1959 when physician Harold Perelson, his wife Lillian, and their three children moved in. Financial struggles plagued the family, leading to a violent outburst where Harold murdered his wife and attempted to attack his daughter Judy. The chilling events left the property tainted, earning it the moniker ‘Los Feliz Murder Mansion.’

Despite various ownership changes, the house has remained vacant, deteriorating over the years. Even high-profile buyers like attorney Lisa Bloom, who purchased the home in 2016, failed to break the curse. Renovation plans stalled, and the property, despite its potential, never found a permanent resident.

Promises of transformation, including architect Richard Landry’s plans, failed to attract buyers, resulting in the mansion being pulled off the market in 2022. The current owner, Ephi Zlotnitsky, is now facing foreclosure after defaulting on payments.

The eerie allure of the Los Feliz Murder Mansion has sparked interest, even featuring in the Netflix series ‘Buying Beverly Hills.’ With its unsettling past and the curse that seems to linger, this house stands as a chilling reminder of the tragedies that befell its residents, creating a story that continues to captivate and haunt all who encounter it.


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