Exclusive Sale: Remote Shetland Islands Section for $1.63M!

Exclusive Sale: Remote Shetland Islands Section for $1.63M!

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of untouched paradise? Well, now might be your chance as a remote section of the stunning Shetland Islands is up for grabs! Located 110 miles off the coast of Scotland, these picturesque islands boast dramatic landscapes, rich Norse heritage, and even their famous Shetland ponies.

The recently listed property spans a whopping 1,500 acres, offering a diverse array of natural wonders. From rugged coastline cliffs to tranquil lochs (lakes), this land is a nature lover’s dream. And let’s not forget about the ‘substantial amount of peat’ waiting to be explored!

Divided into three lots, the largest of them named Graveland covers 1,160 acres of remote and diverse terrain. On the other hand, Gunnigarth provides vast coastal grazing areas and peatlands across 336 acres. Lastly, the private Island of Holm West Sandwick, at around 12 acres, promises exclusivity and serenity in abundance.

If you’re picturing yourself as the future owner, you’d better love seclusion because these lots are devoid of any residential developments, except for the remnants of a few historical structures. Plus, access to the islands is strictly by boat, adding an extra touch of adventure to the potential ownership.

While the islands remain uninhabited by people, they are teeming with a diverse wildlife population. From majestic orcas to playful dolphins, the coastal waters surrounding these islands offer a spectacle of marine life for any nature enthusiast.

Euan MacCrimmon, the director of Strutt & Parker Inverness, describes the Shetland Islands as a breathtaking meeting point between Scandinavia and Scotland. He highlights the seclusion as a rewarding aspect for those daring enough to embrace island life, pointing out the sheltered sailing waters, abundant wildlife, and rich archaeological sites waiting to be explored.

In the midst of a booming Scottish land market, this listing is expected to attract global attention. With a surge in interest for developing abandoned structures and utilizing the peat-rich land, the potential for investment and innovation on these remote islands is sky-high.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece of unspoiled natural beauty, this might be your golden opportunity. The Shetland Islands are calling, and the chance to make them your own awaits for someone with a taste for adventure and a love for the untouched wonders of nature!


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