Going Subterranean: Unconventional Living in California Caves

Going Subterranean: Unconventional Living in California Caves

Living underground might sound like an apocalyptic scenario, but for Caitlin J., it’s a money-saving strategy. Caitlin, residing in a California bomb shelter, pays just $500 monthly in her subterranean home, aiming to save for an above-ground condo.

Built in 2012, the bunker spans 1,100 square feet and offers an unconventional yet exciting living experience for Caitlin. She compares her choice to the survival challenges on ‘Naked and Afraid,’ documenting her daily life on TikTok. Concerns arise among followers regarding her well-being in the absence of daylight and fresh air, highlighting the curiosity and worries surrounding unusual living arrangements.

Bunkers, once seen as emergency shelters, are witnessing a surge in interest, with a 30% to 50% spike in demand this year alone. Despite being backup plans for many, some, like Caitlin, view them as affordable solutions amidst soaring housing costs. With Californian housing prices hitting unprecedented levels, prospective buyers are exploring unconventional avenues to achieve homeownership.

Realtors note the growing trend of creative money-saving approaches, including ADUs and bunkers, in the face of housing market challenges. Devin Lucas acknowledges the difficulties buyers encounter in the pricey Californian market, pushing them to reconsider location preferences or property sizes. Caitlin’s temporary bunker lifestyle reflects a broader adaptation to changing housing dynamics, where compromises and innovative solutions become essential.

While acknowledging the perks of underground living—such as cost-efficiency and unique work-from-home advantages—Caitlin also faces downsides. Challenges like adjusting to a windowless environment and dated interior décor prompt her to consider updates to enhance the living space’s comfort. Her safety precautions, including backup exit plans and regular check-ins with her friend, mitigate concerns over potential risks associated with bunker living.

As Caitlin waits for the housing market to stabilize, real estate experts caution against expecting drastic price drops. Despite uncertainties, saving for a suitable home remains a prudent choice, ensuring a balanced decision when purchasing. Caitlin’s unconventional journey symbolizes a blend of adventure and financial prudence, embodying the innovative spirit driving individuals to explore non-traditional housing options. Whether her bunker escapade leads to a permanent lifestyle change or a temporary experiment, it mirrors a growing trend of adaptability and resilience in navigating today’s real estate challenges.


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