Grace Hightower’s $20M NYC Mansion Hits Market Post De Niro Split

Grace Hightower's $20M NYC Mansion Hits Market Post De Niro Split

Grace Hightower, the former wife of actor Robert De Niro, has decided to part ways with their luxurious Upper West Side abode, overlooking the lush greenery of Central Park. At 69 years old, Hightower is embarking on a new chapter in her life post-split and is seeking to create her own vibrant oasis. The couple’s shared property, a nearly 6,000-square-foot duplex co-op on 88 Central Park West, is now listed for $20 million, a figure slightly below the original purchase price of $20.9 million. This move comes as Hightower aims to attract a wider range of potential buyers in a shifting real estate market.

Living in the lap of luxury since 2006, the residence boasts three bedrooms, a spacious master suite, and a kitchen that doubles as a cozy family hangout. The decor exudes a lived-in charm with family photos adorning the living room and decorative window panels in the dining area. Notably, the home also witnessed a fiery ordeal in 2012 when lint sparked a blaze, resulting in a devastating loss of cherished possessions. However, after extensive renovations and a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards the firefighters who saved their home, the property was revitalized both physically and energetically.

As she prepares to bid farewell to this treasured abode, Hightower remains tight-lipped about her ex-husband, referring to De Niro simply as ‘my children’s father.’ Their romance, which began in 1987 and culminated in marriage in 1997, came to an end in 2018. Throughout their journey together, the couple faced not one but two fires within their homes, each leaving a mark on their shared history.

Looking ahead, Hightower’s future remains uncertain in terms of her next residence. However, she envisions a home near the park with an abundance of trees, reminiscent of her upbringing on a farm in Mississippi. This desire to be surrounded by nature reflects her affinity for walking and meditating, embracing a return to her roots amidst the bustling city life she’s known for years. As she bids farewell to one home and embarks on a quest for another, Hightower’s story continues to evolve, symbolizing resilience and a pursuit of personal reinvention in the face of change.


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