Laughs at Paragon: NYC’s Sports Giant Hosts Comedy Festival

Laughs at Paragon: NYC's Sports Giant Hosts Comedy Festival

In a surprising twist, Paragon Sports, a 116-year-old specialty shop nestled off Union Square in Manhattan, is set to transform into a comedy hub for a two-night, eight-show, 30-comic festival next week. The brains behind this unconventional event are David Levine and Ethan Mansoor, the duo behind Underground Overground Comedy. Since April 2021, Levine and Mansoor have been redefining comedy shows by hosting them in unconventional locations across New York City.

From laundromats to gyms, from candy stores to delis, the two comedians have captivated audiences with their unique approach to stand-up. Their shows have consistently sold out, with a staggering 20,000-person waitlist for smaller productions. What sets their performances apart is the nostalgic and familiar settings they choose, offering audiences a fresh way to experience comedy.

Levine highlighted that their shows are more than just entertainment; they are immersive experiences that weave humor into the very fabric of iconic NYC locations. The upcoming Paragon festival promises not just a night of laughter but also on-theme perks like Joe’s Pizza for attendees.

While the lineup for the festival remains a well-guarded secret, anticipation is high following the rapid sell-out of tickets at $65 each. Despite the mystery surrounding performers, fans trust Levine and Mansoor’s track record of delivering top-tier acts in unexpected venues.

Collaborating with Paragon Sports marks a new chapter for the comedy duo. The store’s CEO, Zachary Blank, expressed excitement at the partnership, emphasizing the company’s commitment to hosting unique events that attract diverse audiences. Blank praised the positive atmosphere cultivated by Underground Overground, noting the genuine excitement from attendees.

As the festival draws near, there is a mix of nervous anticipation and excitement for the organizers. The only remaining concern for Levine and Mansoor is the possibility of a last-minute cancellation from a headlining act. However, they approach this potential challenge with humor, joking about hoping for a Knicks loss to keep their lineup intact.

The transformation of a sports store into a comedy venue signals a refreshing shift in NYC’s entertainment scene. With Paragon Sports opening its doors to laughter and merriment, audiences can expect a truly unforgettable experience that merges comedy with nostalgia and community. Stay tuned as the comedy extravaganza unfolds at this unexpected location!


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