For Sale: Shetland Islands Gem – Own Your Paradise for $1.63M!

For Sale: Shetland Islands Gem - Own Your Paradise for $1.63M!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own slice of paradise? Well, now you have the chance! Imagine owning a significant portion of the stunning Shetland Islands, located about 110 miles from mainland Scotland. This remote archipelago, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich Norse heritage, is now available for ‘offers over’ $1.63 million.

The listing, held by Strutt & Parker, offers a total of approximately 1,500 acres spread across three lots. These lots boast lush agricultural land, natural beauty, and a unique lack of residential development, except for the remains of some historical buildings.

The first lot, Graveland, is the largest and most diverse, spanning around 1,160 acres. It features remote areas, picturesque lochs, rugged coastline cliffs, and an abundance of peat. Meanwhile, Gunnigarth, the second lot, provides extensive coastal grazing and peatland across 336 acres. The third lot includes the private Island of Holm West Sandwick, a 12-acre haven.

Holm West Sandwick, located off the western coast of Yell, is an uninhabited haven for wildlife enthusiasts. With spectacular sights of orcas and dolphins in its coastal waters, this island offers a serene refuge for nature lovers.

Euan MacCrimmon, the director of Strutt & Parker Inverness, describes the Shetland Islands as a stunning blend of Scandinavian and Scottish beauty. The seclusion of this region brings a unique charm, rewarding residents with sheltered sailing waters, diverse wildlife, and fascinating archaeological sites.

The Scottish land market has been buzzing with activity lately, and this offering is expected to draw global interest. The potential for developing the abandoned structures and utilizing the peat reserves is a particularly exciting prospect for investors looking to make their mark on this picturesque landscape.

If you’ve ever yearned for a tranquil retreat amidst nature’s wonders, this opportunity to own a piece of the Shetland Islands might just be your dream come true. With its rugged beauty, rich history, and natural treasures, this remote paradise could be yours to explore and enjoy. Who knows what adventures await on your very own island getaway!


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