Laughs Echo in Historic NYC Sports Store: Comedy Fest Surprise!

Laughs Echo in Historic NYC Sports Store: Comedy Fest Surprise!

In an unexpected turn of events, the historic Paragon Sports store off Union Square is set to host a two-night, eight-show, 30-comic festival organized by the duo behind Underground Overground Comedy. David Levine and Ethan Mansoor, both 25-year-olds, have been transforming ordinary spaces across Manhattan into comedy venues since April 2021. From laundromats to gyms, their shows have been a hit, attracting sold-out crowds and a 20,000-person waitlist for tickets.

What sets these shows apart is their unique setting, offering audiences the chance to experience stand-up comedy in places deeply intertwined with the city’s history. The upcoming Paragon festival promises not just laughter but an entire evening of entertainment, complete with on-theme perks like Joe’s Pizza for attendees.

Levine and Mansoor, childhood friends who bonded over chess, are taking their productions to new heights with sets planned on every floor of Paragon simultaneously. Despite keeping their lineup a secret, tickets for their upcoming festival sold out within days, showcasing the duo’s reputation for delivering top-notch performances.

Paragon Sports, known for its wide range of sporting goods, is thrilled to host the festival, seeing it as an opportunity to engage with the community beyond retail. The company’s CEO expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the positive impact of unique events in attracting new customers.

As the festival approaches, organizers are eagerly anticipating the big event while hoping for smooth sailing. With all tickets sold and pre-press coverage secured, the only concern remaining is the possibility of a last-minute cancellation from a headlining comic. Despite this potential hitch, Levine and Mansoor are ready for an unforgettable festival, blending comedy and nostalgia in the heart of New York City.


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