Sean Hannity’s Big Move: From NY Mansion to Florida Luxe!

Sean Hannity's Big Move: From NY Mansion to Florida Luxe!

In a surprising turn of events, Sean Hannity, the well-known Fox News figure, has opted to sell his sprawling Long Island property for a hefty sum of $13.75 million. This decision comes shortly after Hannity unveiled his plans to shift from New York to the sunshine state of Florida.

The move is accompanied by an update in Hannity’s broadcasting setups. Earlier this year, he revealed his intention to conduct his famous radio show, ‘The Sean Hannity Show,’ and his TV program, ‘Hannity,’ from studios situated in West Palm Beach, a notable deviation from his prior locations.

The impressive Long Island estate, which Hannity originally acquired for $8.5 million through a connected LLC in 2008, spans nearly 6 acres of land and boasts a prime waterfront location. Now listed at $13.75 million, the property features a lavish 11,000 square feet home with seven bedrooms, along with an 80-foot private dock on Oyster Bay.

Situated in Centre Island, approximately 40 miles east of Midtown Manhattan, Hannity’s estate offers a luxurious lifestyle with amenities including a swimming pool, tennis court, par-3 golf course, and a putting green. The gated grounds exude opulence and sophistication, resonating with the charm that characterizes the area.

Centre Island is no stranger to celebrity residents, counting icons like Billy Joel among its inhabitants. The music legend recently took his property, listed at $49 million, off the market temporarily for renovations, underlining the exclusivity of the neighborhood.

As Hannity bids farewell to his New York property, he sets his sights on his Palm Beach condominium, purchased for $5.3 million in 2021. The transition to Florida seems to have resonated well with him, as reflected in his sentiments on his radio show about finding like-minded individuals in his new state of residence.

Furthermore, Palm Beach’s allure extends beyond Hannity, as seen in the relocation of other prominent figures like Fox News anchor Bret Baier and the significant sale of the late Rush Limbaugh’s residence for a staggering $155 million. The region’s status as a favored hub for affluent Republican donors adds to its prestige and appeal.

Shawn and Zachary Elliott from Nest Seekers International are tasked with handling the listing for Hannity’s Long Island property, navigating the intricate real estate market with finesse. The sale of Hannity’s estate marks a new chapter in his journey, symbolizing a shift towards fresh beginnings and embracing the vibrant lifestyle that Florida offers.


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