Knicks vs. Pacers: An Epic Rivalry Revisited in History

Knicks vs. Pacers: An Epic Rivalry Revisited in History

As the anticipation builds for the renewal of the Knicks-Pacers rivalry, let’s delve into the rich history that has made this matchup so memorable.

On May 4, 1993, the Pacers stunned the Knicks with a 116-93 victory, turning the series around with Reggie Miller’s clutch performance and John Starks’ infamous ejection after a heated exchange.

Fast forward to June 1, 1994, where the intensity escalated as the Pacers secured a 93-86 win, fueled by Miller’s sharpshooting and his iconic choke sign directed at Spike Lee, solidifying his status as a New York villain.

Two days later, on June 3, 1994, the Knicks fought back to claim a crucial 98-91 victory, thanks to Derek Harper’s heroics and Miller’s missed free throws that spared the Knicks from elimination.

The rivalry continued on June 5, 1994, with the Knicks edging past the Pacers 94-90 in a nail-biting finish, highlighted by Patrick Ewing’s game-changing dunk that propelled the Knicks into the NBA Finals.

May 7, 1995, marked another pivotal moment as the Pacers squeezed out a 107-105 win over the Knicks, courtesy of Miller’s incredible late-game heroics and Starks’ missed free throws that sealed the Knicks’ fate.

The series saw more heart-stopping games, including the Knicks’ comeback victory on May 17, 1995, and their resilient win on May 19, 1995, forcing a Game 7 against the Pacers.

On May 21, 1995, the iconic ‘Finger Roll Game’ unfolded, further etching this rivalry into NBA history with a dramatic finish that left fans in awe.

Jumping to May 10, 1998, the Knicks faced a tough loss to the Pacers in overtime, highlighted by Reggie Miller’s clutch three-pointer that shattered the Knicks’ comeback hopes.

June 1, 1999, witnessed the heartbreaking 88-86 defeat of the Knicks, signaling the end of the season for Ewing due to a career-altering Achilles injury.

However, the Knicks rallied back on June 5, 1999, with Larry Johnson’s unforgettable four-point play that secured a thrilling 92-91 victory, sending the Knicks to the NBA Finals.

The saga continued with the Knicks triumphing on June 11, 1999, as Miller faltered in a crucial moment, allowing the Knicks to advance amidst a roaring Garden crowd.

The final showdown on May 23, 2000, saw the Knicks emerge victorious over the Pacers, symbolizing the end of an era for Ewing and the Knicks.

While the Pacers got their revenge on June 2, 2000, with a 93-80 win over the Knicks, the memories of this intense rivalry continue to resonate in the annals of basketball history.

From buzzer-beaters to heartbreaks, the Knicks-Pacers rivalry embodies the essence of NBA playoffs drama, showcasing the resilience and competitive spirit of both teams.

As we await the next chapter in this storied rivalry, let’s reflect on the timeless moments that have defined the Knicks-Pacers matchups, cementing their place in basketball lore.


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