Kenny Albert Reveals Rangers & Knicks Playoff Chances!

Kenny Albert Reveals Rangers & Knicks Playoff Chances!

Sports announcer extraordinaire Kenny Albert, known for his captivating calls of Rangers and Knicks games, recently sat down for an engaging Q&A session with Post columnist Steve Serby to discuss the NHL and NBA playoffs.

When asked about the Rangers’ chances of winning the Stanley Cup, Albert expressed optimism, highlighting the team’s strong performance and the fans’ high hopes for a victory. He emphasized the city’s excitement, noting that a potential win would ignite celebrations reminiscent of the Rangers’ triumph 30 years ago.

Regarding the Rangers’ strengths, Albert praised their exceptional goaltending, solid defense, talented forward lines, and effective coaching under Peter Laviolette. He commended the team’s depth and strategic gameplay, indicating a favorable outlook for their playoff journey.

Albert pointed out the key factors for the Rangers’ success against the Hurricanes, emphasizing the team’s unity, determination, and collective desire to make a statement this season. He highlighted the players’ focus on their playoff aspirations, aiming to build on their past achievements and showcase their potential.

Transitioning to the Knicks, Albert discussed their impressive performance without key players and credited coach Tom Thibodeau for his strategic leadership. He mentioned standout players like Jalen Brunson and highlighted the team’s resilience and strong matchups in the playoffs.

When asked about specific players, Albert described the Rangers’ roster, praising stars like Chris Kreider, Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, Adam Fox, and Matt Rempe for their contributions to the team’s success. He also acknowledged the growth and impact of young talents like Alexis Lafreniere and Deuce McBride.

Albert shared insights on Laviolette’s coaching style, highlighting his winning record and ability to instill structure and a winning mindset in the team. He discussed the importance of home-court advantage in the Knicks’ series and emphasized the significance of key matchups and player performances.

Reflecting on his broadcasting experience and family legacy, Albert shared anecdotes about his father, Marv Albert, and described his own broadcasting style focused on supporting and highlighting color analysts. He expressed admiration for fellow broadcasters and recalled memorable moments from his extensive career.

As a seasoned sports commentator, Albert offered valuable perspectives on various sports teams and players, showcasing his passion for the game and dedication to delivering engaging commentary. His in-depth knowledge and rich storytelling provide fans with an insightful glimpse into the world of sports through his unique lens.


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