Giants’ 2024 NFL Draft Picks: Shocking Selections Revealed!

Giants' 2024 NFL Draft Picks: Shocking Selections Revealed!

The Giants’ 2024 NFL Draft class has left fans with a lot to ponder. General manager Joe Schoen deviated from his usual strategy, opting not to select a quarterback with any of their six picks. This decision, coupled with the team’s focus on speed and athleticism rather than bolstering the offensive or defensive lines, set this draft apart from Schoen’s previous approaches.

Despite skipping on quarterbacks, the Giants managed to add depth and talent to their roster with a balanced selection of three offensive and three defensive players. The Post’s grading of the Giants’ draft picks sheds light on the strengths and areas for improvement within the team’s selections.

In the first round, the Giants secured Malik Nabers from LSU as the sixth overall pick, landing the talented wide receiver with potential to become a pivotal playmaker. Nabers’ exceptional skills and track record as a prolific receiver position him as a key asset for the Giants’ offense. Despite missing out on their preferred quarterback, Nabers’ addition brings optimism for the team’s aerial attack and future performances.

The second round saw the Giants acquire Tyler Nubin, a safety hailing from Minnesota, known for his impressive interception record. Nubin’s inclusion aligns with the team’s defensive strategy under coordinator Shane Bowen, emphasizing playmaking abilities in the secondary. While Nubin’s coverage speed raises some concerns, his overall contribution to the defense remains promising.

Dru Phillips from Kentucky joined the Giants in the third round as a cornerback, fulfilling a crucial role in the team’s defensive lineup. Despite his lack of interceptions in previous games, Phillips’ reputation for impactful tackles and physicality adds a new dimension to the Giants’ defense. The fourth round brought Theo Johnson, a tight end from Penn State, into the mix as a potential successor to the aging Darren Waller.

In the later rounds, the Giants diversified their options by selecting Tyrone Tracy, a running back from Purdue, and linebacker Darius Muasau from UCLA. Tracy’s versatility as a return specialist and Muasau’s remarkable tackling abilities present valuable additions to the team’s depth chart.

The Giants’ 2024 NFL Draft class, though not without its uncertainties, holds promise for reinforcing key positions and injecting new energy into the team. With a blend of emerging talent and experienced players, the Giants aim to elevate their performance and competitiveness in the upcoming seasons. While the overall grade might not be perfect, the potential impact of these draft picks on the team’s future cannot be underestimated.


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