Falcons Pick Penix Jr. Despite Cousins Deal: Fans React

Falcons Pick Penix Jr. Despite Cousins Deal: Fans React

In a surprising twist during the 2024 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons opted to choose Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. as their first-round pick, even after recently signing veteran QB Kirk Cousins to a hefty four-year, $180 million contract. The move left many scratching their heads, especially considering Cousins’ lack of prior knowledge about the decision.

Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt weighed in on the matter, suggesting that Michael Penix Jr. might have a valid reason to be more upset than Kirk Cousins. Klatt expressed his opinion on ‘The Rich Eisen Show,’ indicating that if he were in Penix’s shoes, he would be more furious than Cousins himself.

Despite the controversy surrounding the pick, former Falcons’ All-Pro Roddy White came to the franchise’s defense, stating that selecting Penix right after securing Cousins was not as nonsensical as some made it out to be. White’s support adds another layer to the ongoing debate regarding the Falcons’ unexpected draft decision.

Penix, who already harbors aspirations akin to Michael Vick’s legendary career, shared his perspective on joining the Falcons. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Penix expressed excitement about the opportunity and even engaged in a positive conversation with Cousins post-selection. Although the details of their discussion remain undisclosed, Penix conveyed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Cousins in the upcoming season.

The lingering question remains: who truly has the right to feel aggrieved by the Falcons’ bold move? Is it Kirk Cousins, blindsided by the unexpected selection of his potential successor, or Michael Penix Jr., eager to prove his worth in the NFL despite the challenging circumstances? As the dust settles and the NFL offseason progresses, the narrative surrounding the Falcons’ drafting dilemma continues to unfold, leaving fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipating how the story will further develop on the field.


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