Jets Shock NFL: Trade John Franklin-Myers to Broncos!

Jets Shock NFL: Trade John Franklin-Myers to Broncos!

The Jets to Denver pipeline is flowing as Gang Green facilitated the trade of John Franklin-Myers to the Broncos in return for a 2026 sixth-round pick. Franklin-Myers, a steady presence since 2019 after moving from the Rams, accumulated 52 starts over four seasons.

However, as of the recent trade, Franklin-Myers bids farewell to the Jets. His departure comes alongside a financial motive for the Jets, saving $7.3 million in cap space by unloading his $13.3 million base salary for 2024, carrying a hefty $16.4 million salary cap number. The move also circumvents a $9 million dead money charge.

The decision to trade Franklin-Myers stemmed from acquiring Haason Reddick and his substantial $15 million salary cap figure. Subsequently, the Jets greenlit Franklin-Myers to pursue a trade weeks earlier, ultimately concluding with the deal struck on a Saturday.

In his new stint with the Broncos, Franklin-Myers secures a two-year, $15 million contract, boasting $10 million in guarantees. Jets’ General Manager, Douglas, acknowledged the insurmountable disparity between the Jets and Franklin-Myers in renegotiating a deal, noting Denver’s gain of a ‘hell of a player.’

Jets’ coach, Robert Saleh, recognized the enduring impact of Franklin-Myers’ leadership on the defense. Saleh expressed the challenge of adapting to this loss, emphasizing the integral role played by Franklin-Myers in the team’s dynamics. The void left by Franklin-Myers may open opportunities for Will McDonald, last year’s first-round pick, to step into a more prominent role within the team.

The departure of Franklin-Myers marks a strategic move by the Jets, optimizing their financial flexibility while also reshaping the team dynamics and potentially paving the way for emerging talents to shine in the upcoming seasons.


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