CBS Revamps ‘The NFL Today’: Meet the New Star Hosts!

CBS Revamps 'The NFL Today': Meet the New Star Hosts!

CBS is making waves by shuffling hosts on ‘The NFL Today’ show as Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms step away from their roles. The iconic duo is being replaced by Matt Ryan and JJ Watt, who will join James Brown, Nate Burleson, and Bill Cowher. Boomer Esiason, the former Jets quarterback, expressed gratitude towards CBS for his 22-year stint, mentioning the unexpected longevity of his tenure. Simultaneously, Phil Simms, known for his 26-year run with CBS, shared his excitement for future endeavors after bidding farewell.

The changes at CBS come amidst speculation earlier this year, hinting at potential shifts in the lineup. With Simms previously leading the No. 1 broadcasting booth before Tony Romo took over in 2017, his departure marks the end of an era. Despite this change, the 68-year-old Simms remains dedicated to football broadcasting, showcasing a passion that transcends networks.

For Esiason, the transition includes a continued presence on WFAN’s morning show, ensuring fans will still enjoy his insights. The departing hosts leave behind a legacy of in-depth analysis and engaging commentary, captivating audiences for decades. As the curtain falls on their chapter at CBS, Esiason and Simms reflect on their cherished experiences and look forward to new opportunities in the football broadcasting landscape.

With CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus also set to step down, the network undergoes a notable transformation, signaling a fresh era for ‘The NFL Today.’ Amidst these changes, James Brown’s contract negotiations take the spotlight, raising anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of sports broadcasting. Fans eagerly await the debut of the revamped show, brimming with anticipation to see how the new lineup will reshape the familiar sports analysis they love.


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